Tuesday, August 26, 2014

DragonCon 2014: Just Popping My Head Above the Water

With slightly less than 3 days to go until DragonCon, you'd think I might be all set. But no.

There is still much to do, although mostly now it's just reviewing the encounters and making sure I know the adventures solidly. 

I've identified a few possible issues - either things that might stump the players (in a bad way), things that confuse me, and adding notes to present the PCs information to make choices meaningful. The latter could be as simple as "To the left the air is cool and still, to the right you hear a scraping sound." 

I'm as excited and nervous as I was the first time I ran a one -shot for the local meetup group last November. A few days to go and I've got a staging area setup on my wargaming table for all of the bits and bobs I will need for each session (or at least those that are done).

Goblin shaman summons giant purple worm. This has nothing to do with this post.
And for some reason, I decided I'd make a mini-zine for the con. It's not done yet. It will be though. If not by Friday, then by Saturday. That's not a big deal really, since Friday I'll be gaming from 9-5 without a significant break, and Saturday is the bigger attendance day anyway.

Finally, all of this prep doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything else game related - Ariale and I played on Saturday night, and another time prior, that I have yet to document, so there's another summary for the Fjörgyn files. There's a summary for the most recent session of Trelleborg to go up on that blog. I've also played some additional sessions of The Ever Expanding Dungeon. 

All of that requires time to write up though and when choosing between writing up a game or playing a game, i tend to lean towards the latter. 


  1. ha ha
    nice sculpting - impressionistic, works well

  2. Lots of good gaming going on. You may have noticed I've fallen behind on my 10x10. Have fun at Dragoncon.

  3. Oh goody, more Ever-Expanding-Dungeon sessions to read about. Have a great time at your Con, sir.

    -- Jeff