Friday, December 14, 2012

Third Time Proves Itself Not to Be the Charm

Last night I took a break from my fun-but-failed attempts at modeling a T-34 hull and made a third delve into my ever expanding randomly generated dungeon.

Unfortunately, Feldspar, the strongest fighter and the highest hit points, had to stay at the inn to recuperate from his run-in with the nasty end of a giant centipede (hmm. i'm going to guess both ends are pretty nasty). He's got 9 more days of recovery in front of him.

Brother McCleary, Malazar and Inga went to the tavern to see if they could scrounge up another fighter or anyone for that matter - but the well was dry. Word had gotten out that the last two torch bearers didn't make it back, and they could find no one who would fill that position either. Perceval agreed to go in once again, for an equal share of any treasure. With no other options, the party agreed and went to the dungeon the next morning notably under strength.

Thoughts and memories of the delve:
  • Retracing steps is slow and why did that bugbear nod at us like he knew us? 
  • Some armed and unfriendly dwarves pass peacefully followed only a little later by a single elf trailing them. The latter tries to enlist the party in capturing the dwarves with a tale of woe and the promise that it would prevent bloodshed. The party decides not to get involved and moves on.
  • A mad warrior "king" seated atop a ramshackle throne offered a reward if the party can get the wizard on the 3rd level to dis-spell the glowing orbs of light. He hasn't slept well in ages and it's making him crazy.He also warned that if they bash down his door again, he won't be so understanding.
  • Brother McCleary tried to make a sign of peace to 6 goblins seated around a table drinking and playing cards. He accidentally signed the goblin equivalent of "My nose hair is longer than your man-hood." Not surprisingly  a fight ensued. The party gave a fine account of themselves.
  • A bugbear guard struck down Brother McCleary and Inga. Malazar's sleep spell saved what was left of the party. Erring on the side of safety, Perceval delivered a killing blow. It's easy when they are unconscious. The net result? 6 gp.
  • Remember kids, you don't get rich fighting monsters!
Epilogue : Perceval and Malazar carried their fallen comrades out of the dungeon through an exit discovered early into this 3rd trek. To their surprise it was sealed by a large door of amber.  Although it was tempting to chip some away to try and sell back in town, they decided it best not to linger in case anyone was following them.

Looking forward to rolling up some new PCs to conveniently arrive in town and join the party. There's no way I'm sending Malazar (1st level M-U) and Perceval (0-level human) back in by themselves!


Body count: Brother McCleary (C:1), Inga Fireforge (F:1)
Kills: 6 goblins, 1 bugbear
Rooms explored: 4 new rooms (not going to account passing through previously explored rooms)
Treasure: 67 sp, 6 gp
Turns: 38

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