Monday, December 17, 2012

T-34 Breakthrough!

As I mentioned the other day, I've been trying to model a Russian T-34 in paper.

Actually, that sounds a little to generous. I've been trying to model the hull of a Russian T-34 in paper.

I have a pile of failed attempts (although some may be useful as scout ships in 15mm, and of course, each one leads me closer to the goal, so lemons and lemonade and all that), not to mention that it looks like a snow storm happened around me with all the paper cuttings.

Still, this afternoon I have gotten the closest yet - I rushed the completion of it as I had only a few minutes to do it, and rather than measure it all out, I used the previous version as a template and adjusted it on the fly.

paper model hull in "winter camo" with plastic source looking on mockingly

Now I realize it's not terribly exciting to look at yet,  and I really don't need another T-34 (I have two already, but I wanted to start with something I had on hand) and you'd think given the hours I've spent getting to this point there would be more to show, but I'm still pretty excited. 

I have learned 3 things so far:

  • My geometry, what miniscule amount I remember, is rusty at best
  • I am not an engineer
  • It's fun to assemble paper models, it's a whole different world of fun to design your own!


  1. Geometry is fun for me but takes some practice to get right, thankfully I'm good with the pencil. I can't tell the numbers of the early paper products (buildings, vehicles) I've done and gone wrong.

    1. Fortunately the Web is pretty good at filling the holes in my geometry knowledge.It can be a bit daunting even then, but it's all part of the process so I'm enjoying it even if it makes my brain hurt!