Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Into the Dungeon Again! Part 2

The Results of the Initial Foray

The initial exploration (which I began last night and continued at lunch today) lasted 49 game turns, 27 cards from the dungeon generator deck, and included three PC deaths: 

Throm (NM:0), Theodotus (T:1) and Irongrim (F:1). 

The first two died in a room of poison gas, while the latter was cut down in a scrap with a party of thieves.

Both Perceval (NM:0) and Feldspar (F:1) are injured so healing is a necessity. Thankfully, in LL, 1st level clerics do get one spell a day.

The first level of the dungeon thus far appears to be more of a connecting level, as the party has discovered four separate stairwells so far, two of which lead up into the mountainside, and two which descend. It's also lit by magic orbs of light which is a little bit unusual, but the meaning of which is unclear.

Two hallways were abandoned before they were fully explored - one due to a giant gecko feasting on a corpse and the other due to some dwarves painting a mural who had blocked the hall. 

The party also encountered two wandering clerics who were neutral to the party's presence and when asked if they had any info about the complex, refused to answer. Four more thieves were found in another room ,but they were busy arguing about something and paid the party no mind. Ditto for some dwarves they encountered on the way out who were busy discussing lunch (well, the party didn't know that, as none speak dwarf).

In addition to the thieves, the party killed a carrion crawler, two gnolls and destroyed 2 zombies and 7 skeletons.

Their treasure haul so far amounts to 1100 sp and 18 gp. They'll re-group in town, try to find or hire another fighter perhaps, or some 0-levels to fill out the ranks and maybe pick up some holy water and oil for lighting everything on fire. 

Given the presence of dwarves painting a mural and other dwarves going about day to day life, it does give the impression that perhaps there's a dwarven city or mine or something, which connects to this level. I'm not sure how I'll work that in, or if I'll continue to just rely on random rolls for encounters.


  1. Sounds like you're having fun.
    (also sounds like the dungeon is rather busy, and maybe a bit surreal. ha ha)

    1. It's definitely a good time and a little surreal - tonight's session saw the party encounter a wooden chest that burped out a meal when first approached but otherwise seemed normal. The meal wasn't poisoned, but the mug of porter turned out to in fact be an ale in disguise.Of course, the priest spit it out.