Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Much Ballyhooed 2013 Review

Since I spent such an obscene amount of time contemplating 2014, I figured I should spend a little time looking back on 2013. 

I had a rather short list of goals for the year:
  • New wargaming setup -Well, I got the MDF,  and painted it on one side and made all of 1 building and a few trees. Adding the grid to one side should take half an hour at most, and yet it eludes me. Partial success. 
  • Paint 2x per month, at least 60 minutes a session - Although I did get some painting done, it was not nearly consistent as I had planned or as productive. Fail.
  • Run an old-school dungeon crawl for my local RPG meetup group - Not only did I do this, I did it TWICE. Frankly, this is the thing I'm most excited about. Success.
As the song says, two out of three ain't bad. Or is that 1.5 out of 3?

There were two projects I wanted to tackle but I wouldn't exactly call them goals:

The Wampus Country Under the Tree Challenge - This was a game involving as much of what I got under the tree as possible last Christmas. Completed .

Save a Dead Tree Project - This is an ongoing attempt at making headway into the massive backlog of materials I've acquired. This was probably among my top endeavors for the year and the end result is that I read 21 different items (and even played some of them!), including Disposable Heroes and the Red Sun/Red Death supplement (here and here), The Purple Worm Graveyard. and Space: 1889 :Soldier's Companion.

There were some other "nice to haves", none which happened and that's OK. All in all I'm happy with how the year went hobby wise and I'm looking forward to 2014!

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