Friday, January 10, 2014

BMC Japanese and USMC: Brief Review

Picture from Amazon
I received my BMC Iwo Jima set the other day. The figures are quite nice, and at under $10 for 26 figures (12 USMC, 14 Japanese, and not counting the flag raising diorama), it's a very good deal.

Unlike BMC's rather comical "D-Day" figures, the sculpts are nicely proportioned and well detailed - I have no problem putting them up against TSSD's offerings (which is high praise indeed!).

They are also a little taller than Airfix or Matchbox, and might even be a smidge taller than TSSD, although they fit very well with all of those. And, frankly, I'd rather have them a little tall, than looking like skinny 10-year old kids (CTS, I'm looking at you!)

The marines were all unique poses, but the Japanese had a few duplicates - not a complaint, just informational. A few of the marines have BARs, one has a flame thrower and one has a bazooka. The Japanese have what look like Type 89 light mortars and what I'm guessing are Type 99 MGs.

The diorama is nice, although the flag is a molded blank space with a sticker applied. I'm planning to try to replace it with something better.

In the meantime, I'm doing my best not to rush out and buy 2 more packs (at $8.88 as of 1/10/14 they're a steal!) since 1) I already have the Pacific theater well under way in 1/72 and 2)I've already spent my budget for January, February and part of March!


  1. Cake decorating stores have palm trees.
    They usually don't have bases. what I do is place a bunch of 1" fender washers (small holes) on wax paper, use a hot glue gun to squeeze out a blob of glue, stick the tree in an hold it for a few seconds until it cools. It's worked well so far.

    1. Hi Stu Rat,
      Thanks for the comment!
      I "roll my own" palm trees (literally, the trunks are made from rolled paper). I do have a few of those cake palm trees (a fortuitous find after a going away party for a coworker), but I need to get some washers like you mention, so i can give them a base.

  2. Hi,

    The reason those figures are so nice (especially considering the manufacturer) is that one of the high-quality firms (King and Country, IIRC) did the sculpting. Those of us who endured some of the really bad sculpts in other BMC sets were very pleased (to say the least) and looked forward to future playsets with figures of that calibre. Unfortunately, BMC folded or was bought out by Americana, and no new sets have come out. Drat!!

    BTW, I look for palm trees in dinosaur sets--sometimes they are worth the money all by themselves!

    Best regards,

    Chris Johnson