Monday, January 6, 2014

The Ugliest B-word of All: Budgets

I went quite a bit overboard last year, and so this year I'm keeping a strict gaming budget: $15/mo (out of pocket, gift money doesn't count since it's usually earmarked for gaming stuff anyway)- that's minis, rule books, modules, and other sundry hobby items (does not include zines or my Lone Warrior renewal).

That's still a sizable sum for most of the world, although for wargamers and role-players on the whole, it's probably a pittance for many. My motivation isn't really about saving, so much as spending it on other things but that motivation is quite strong and I see sticking to the budget as being a near sure thing. Still, budgets aren't known for their high CON scores.

And that's really the whole point here: to publicly track spending on gaming so that I hold myself accountable to my peers (or my betters as the case may be). It also has the advantage of helping me remember just what the heck I purchased the past year.

So here we go!

January Budget: $15.00
YTD Budget: $15.00
January Actual:  $9.25
  • BMC Iwo-Jima 32 Piece Set 
YTD Actual: $9.25


  1. Good resolution. Budget also tends to always explode :)

    1. Hi Cedric,
      Thanks for the comment!
      I'm hopeful that this one will survive. Seven days in and so far so good!