Thursday, March 1, 2012

Painting Progress for February

Completed in February:
  • 24 1/72 Waterloo Japanese infantry for the WWII Pacific project- the intent, again, is to assemble forces to play out the scenario and rules presented in Lone Warrior #172. However, I also plan to play various historical encounters from Guadalcanal, Tarawa, etc. as well as semi-historical encounters and undoubtedly totally implausible ones as well.
A close(er) up.

  • 8 15mm Khurasan mantis-men.
The females not only eat the males,  they eat humans too.

  • 3 15mm Khurasan Mystri Island characters
Lord  Chadwick, Oberst Neubauten, Lady Penelope Devane

  • 1 15mm Brigade Games G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. character - I'm counting this, although I really am not happy with this one, I've repainted it multiple times and multiple ways. I just don't like the sculpt of the head, although he kind of looks like Ronald Reagan (Lady Shadowmoss agrees, so I'm not totally off on this), if the former president were cast as a rifle-toting Han Solo. At the moment he's covered in Sculpey to make a rocketeer, but that may change as I reconsider the possibility of Reagan-inspired scenarios.

There was a failed attempt at sculpting a 15mm one-off miniature from Sculpey without an armature.  Lesson learned. Green stuff has been ordered and I've downloaded more than one set of instructions for making armatures. The goal is to make my own photographer figure similar to the one in this set from Bluemoon. I really want the 1st figure in the second row, but I have no need for the entire set at this time.

Planned for March:

  • Finish the remaining 24 1/72 Japanese - they're already primed and ready to go.

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