Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ambush at the Hills of Cordon Bleu:Campaign Week 5

Turn 0
Sauvignon-Blanc, under the command of Colonel Guillaume Deauxtrieve, sends out a rear guard to cover the retreat of the main body of troops under Colonel Baudrillard.

Staring out across the plain to the foot hills known as Cordon Bleu

Turns 1 -  3

Given the scarce amount of cover, the lone lizard tracker advanced towards the small grove of trees on the right flank. Section 3 under Deauxtrieve advanced between the grove and the central hill, while Section 4 moved to take the hill.

The walker, in an engineering miracle, passed its sustain rolls 2 turns in a row before sputtering to stop.

Tracker-of-Shadow-Ghosts leads the advance and thinks to himself,  "It's quiet. Too quiet." (loosely translated from the local lizard folk dialect)

Turn 4


Without warning, the Riesling forces crash out of the forest (not pictured) and on to the plain.

Section 4 advances to the hill

Sergent Jeanclaude and Caporal Genevieve form Section 4 into a firing line.

His blood lust raging, Tracker-of-Shadow-Ghosts charges the Riesling left and draws first blood!

The victor will have to wait to tear the heart from his victim.

Not pictured, Deauxtrieve's section opens fire on Riesling to little effect.

Turn 5

Section 4 opens fire on the Riesling force from their vantage point atop the hill, killing Feldwebel Hegel.
Section 4, 2nd Company opening a can of moderate whoop-ass on Riesling.
Tracker-of-Shadow-Ghosts attempts to further engage the Riesling troop as victims of his terrible onslaught but the Riesling lizard hero, Ka'raz-sekl-ka-la, senses an opportunity for his own carnage.

The ensuing melee would be unmemorable save for the fact that both heroes were killed!
Even in death, they are locked in struggle!
Not pictured: The steam tank, proving its engineers were not talentless hacks, passes its sustain roll and pivots 90 degrees to fire at Section 4 atop the hill scoring SIX hits, Sergent Jeanclaude among them. Msr. Jeanclaude, showing his mettle as an officer, dusts himself off, pulls the shrapnel from his overcoat and utters a curse towards his attacker.

With unwavering determination, the Riesling forces advance - Zug 23 risking themselves to provide cover for the Riesling left.
"Charge!" (also translated from lizard folk)

Turns 6 - 7

Deauxtrieve, sensing that it might be best to put some distance between his men and the approaching lizard folk melee troops, moves towards the hill.
The walker and steam tractor exchange artillery fire and both score hits. The steam tractor escapes damage - the round entering and exiting after rattling around a bit. The walker is not so lucky and the drive mechanism may be unrepairable.

As Zug 23 charges Deautrieve's section, Jeanclaude attempts to move the remnants of his force around the hill, using the walker as a shield, to flank the Riesling force:

"Single file everybody! No talking!"

Turn 8

Section 3 holds their own against Zug 23, but Zug 24 joins the fray.

The melee goes badly for Sauvignon-Blanc, but amazingly they pass morale.

I let the dice decide, "Does Deauxtrieve stay and fight or run?" He stays!

He is either courageous or a fool. Or perhaps both.

Screaming "Death or glory!", Deauxtrieve is returned to his maker.
Another Sauvignon-Blanc loss, this time under my direct leadership!

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