Thursday, March 29, 2012

Campaign Week 5 Background

The Setup
Following yet another loss for Sauvignon-Blanc in my imagi-nations campaign, I turned to Mythic to answer a few questions:

Does command replace Baudrillard?
I decide this is very likely but not a sure thing, given the results the last 
time I asked. I get a yes result.

Will the new commander be Bardot?
Bardot has been with Baudrillard since the start and would be the likely choice except that he's also of a defensive nature and Sauvignon-Blanc just can't afford that right now. I figure unlikely and get a no.

Will Bardot also be replaced?
I figure this is likely - out with the old in with the new and all that but I roll a no. Command reasons the men and lizard folk must have some loyalty to Bardot and wouldn't react well to his replacement in light of his not getting the promotion.

Will the new commander be aggressive?
I decide this is a near sure thing and get a yes result.

The Scenario
Lacking a suitable scenario idea for the new commander to get his feet wet, I roll on Mythic's subject and event tables and get "Ambush leadership".

Here's what I came up with:

The new commander, Colonel Guillaume Deauxtrieve, is out with a small force covering the retreat of the remaining Sauvignon-Blanc forces back to the fort at Port Guillaume Le Roy, when he is ambushed by the Riesling avant-garde.

The objective for Sauvignon-Blanc is to escort Deauxtrieve off the table, while for Riesling it's to kill him.

The Forces
As I played Riesling as my own side last time, I opted to play Sauvignon-Blanc this time.

To help guide my decisions for both sides, I used a personality generation system I downloaded from the Yahoo Solo Wargamer's group a few years ago for the individual units and for Deauxtrieve himself. Deauxtrieve, it turns out, is not only aggressive, but seeks to inflict maximum casualties on enemy forces. He may be exactly what Sauvignon-Blanc needs.

As mentioned in my last post, I wanted to do the next campaign game using G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. This would require a reduction in the size of the forces used. I settled on 2 infantry units, 1 hero and 1 vehicle each. A die roll would determine whether a unit was lizard or human.

  • Section 3e, 2e Compagnie- - Deauxtrieve (Leader), Corporal Batonrouge (Veteran), 8 soldats
  • Section 4e, 2e Compagnie - Sergent Jean-Claude (Leader), Corporal Genevieve (Veteran), 8 soldats
  • Walker
  • Tracker-of-Shadow-Ghosts (Lizard hero)

  • Zug 23 - Feldwebel Hegel (Leader), Gefreiter Schultz (Veteran), 8 schutzes
  • Zug 24 - Feldwebel Kimmel (Leader), Gefreiter Wilhelm (Veteran), 8 schutzes
  • Steam tractor
  • Ka'raz-sekl-ka-la (Lizard hero)

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