Friday, March 9, 2012

Irregular Goodness!

I've been wrestling with my laptop lately - Meego just wasn't reliable enough so I first tried the Windows 8 beta, but as a beta I expected issues and subsequently found them. Now I've switched to SimplyMEPIS 8.5 which I have prior experience using and I'll probably stick with it as it's stable (never mind that I spent 45 minutes last night looking up how to mount an NTFS USB harddrive using the Bash command line) - and so I haven't had much time for hobby related fun.

When I've had a moment, it's been spent struggling to paint the rising sun flags that four of the Japanese infantry figures carry. I finally completed two to what I'll call a passable war game standard (a C- at best). The remaining two, plus four radio operators are on deck for this weekend.

And finally, the reason for this post, after only a week, all the way from England, my Irregular Miniatures have arrived!

Is there anything more guilt-inducing than a pile of naked lead?
There's minis present for three new units in G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. terms (10 warrior women and 20 dark elves from their 15mm Fantasy line), as well as several character minis(4 Western Gentlemen and the legendary Sir Harry). And, finally, 3 British infantry, some native porters and a handful of askari for Adventures in Jimland

I'm very pleased overall with these figures - although some, like the porters, are quite flash heavy.

My Khurasan order arrived yesterday evening but I didn't get a picture of it - it includes some of my favorite figures to date:

Galactic dictator and ninja (the dictator will undoubtedly be painted in colors that go with my Prussian infantry)


these guys! (I picture a variety of scenarios centered around Ursids trying to steal their honey)

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