Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Conflict at Candide: Campaign Week 4 pt1

Baudrillard, driven from the bridge over the river Qui, had led his men to the southern most outpost in Sauvignon-Blanc occupied Helvetica - the outpost referred to as "Fort Candide". Consisting of earthworks and a stone walled enclosure situated atop a hill, Fort Candide overlooks a pass to the little explored north eastern wilderness and pass to the northwest which winds down and out of the tropical and rugged interior, to the more temperate amber grasslands that run down to the Helvetica shore line.The latter offers a route to the port of Guillaume Le Roy that doesn't involve traversing mountains, and as such, the outpost holds great strategic importance.

Reinforced by the garrison at the outpost, Baudrillard sent the majority of his human troops onward toward the port, while fresh lizard folk troops were brought up to take their place. 

Bolstered by reports from scouts keeping tabs on the Riesling forces, Baudrillard set a goum of lizard folk to the task of ambushing the attackers. His steam powered walker, which performed horridly at the previous encounters, would be situated on a hill top to the south east,with a clear view to fire on any enemy approaching the fort. As the cannon may fire whether or not the steam engine and mechanical gears are working, there would be no worries about its function.

Supplies to the outpost, meanwhile, had slowed - inadequate rations, ammunition and medicine to fight tropical disease took a toll on morale and men.

Baudrillard inspiring his troops.


Dietrich,satisfied with the performance of the troops under his command, had become concerned about the losses being inflicted in spite of the victories. With no word if or when troops would arrive from Riesling, Dietrich opted to send the majority of his human infantry back into Riesling territory - he would, he calculated, be able to finish Sauvignon-Blanc with their allied lizard folk troop and a small number of Riesling infantry, reinforced with fresh troops, in a support role. He was aggressive in pursuit of his objectives, not wreckless.

The Sauvignon-Blanc walker also concerned him - although it had yet to exert any influence in battle, its large cannon could wreak havoc on any assault on the S-B outpost. He would need to take it out as soon as possible.

Although his supply line was now stretched somewhat - supplies remained adequate, the quartermasters working with typical Riesling clockwork efficiency. Morale remained high and as the weather cleared and with the ground drying out (as much as it ever dries in the jungle), the Riesling army marched steadfastly towards battle.


The battle lines are drawn!
I hope to have the battle written up in the next day or so. Until then!

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