Saturday, September 3, 2016

Thinking Out Loud : More on a WW2 Wargame Campaign

As I continue to seek out ideas on running a WWII-based wargame campaign, I've made one firm decision (small victories, folks): one stand = one platoon.

I don't want to worry what 1st squad, 2nd platoon is doing. I assume they're doing what they are supposed to be doing. I do want to make sure 1st platoon, A company is where it needs to be.

This lines up with the One Hour Wargame platoon basing and what I've been using for most of my recent Morschauser games. Blitzkrieg Commander supports this basing, and so does ‘Tactical Combat’ WWII rules, of which Stu Rat reminded me. The latter two have much more WWII feel, but Morschauser is a good bit of toy-soldier fun that is hard to resist. The other real contender is Portable Wargames: Modern or perhaps the Big Battles version, which as they are on grids, feel like a blend of toy-soldiers and hex-and-counter wargaming.

I am leaning heavily towards a Morschauser strategic map campaign. What can I say? I really want to use those blocks for map movement. The benefit of Morschauser's system is that no record keeping is needed, at least for the losing force. In Morschauser terms, and as I'm imagining it, each command on the map will consist of a battalion, or some part thereof, on the table.

How I generate the tabletop forces I haven't decided quite yet, but these are the options I'm considering:

  • FiveCore Company Command force generator moved up a level (it's written for squad bases) each side could end up fielding anything from a platoon up to a battalion
  • OHW force generator, either as is (one company to one company + one platoon), double the units (two companies to two companies + two platoons), or some variant thereof where I roll to see if the units are doubled which would mean between three and eight platoons of infantry
  • Morschauser's or BKC's point systems and try to equip each side specifically for the scenario being fought
  • If using a Table-top Teaser or similar, bases my forces on TT's suggestions - scaled for 1 stand = 1 platoon

Regardless, I have some painting to do to field a full battalion of infantry of nine platoons for the US and Germans (We can quibble that some battalions should have 12 platoons depending on the year of the war) with three figs per stand. I'd prefer four, mind you, but I have no desire to paint as many figures as I'd need. As it stands, the US needs two or three figures and the Germans require four for 3-figure stands.

Some nice to haves:

  • assemble my 2nd PAK-40, and paint it
  • touch up the existing PAK-40 - it's in desperate need of it
  • acquire some ATGs for the US, as my existing field gun was broken during one of the many battles with Godzilla that my son and I play
  • acquire proper scout cars (I found that Solido makes one for the US and one for Germany, in 1/50)
  • acquire one more PZ IV in 1/50

And, since I mentioned him, here's a grainy pic of Godzilla:


  1. Here's a force generation idea. Decide on a basic force for all games, say and infantry company of 3 infantry, 1 MG and a mortar platoon (whatever your organization is). Then make a list of everything else you have. For example
    1-infantry company (3 inf platoons)
    2-infantry company
    3-MG platoon
    4-mortar platoon
    5-Pz IV
    6-Pz IV
    8-Pak 40
    9-Pak 40
    10-Scout car
    11-Haltrack with Inf. platoon
    12-halftrack w/ platoon

    The key is to get the list to match a size of die you have. D12 in this case. If the Inf. company is too powerful a choice for one selection you can break it into individual platoons (so you'd have an excuse for that d16 you bought) or even add phantom platoons to bring it up to d20 (knowing you are unlikely to get ALL inf. platoons, just more likely to get the most likely type of reinforcement). However you think is best based on your rules choice. Then you roll as many dice as seems right e.g. meeting engagement both sides get 6 rolls. Attack/defence- attacker gets 8, defender 3.

    Roll the dice and those are the additional forces that side gets. But. Any dice that duplicate rolls are lost. So if you roll two sixes, you only get 1 Pz IV. So even "balanced" games probably won't be. And the more dice you roll, the greater chance of losing a die or two. C'est la guerre!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Stu Rat! I like this. I'm going to have to play around with it a bit. Might be a good way to avoid painting new stuff too - I can just limit it to what I can field.