Monday, February 6, 2012

First Campaign Game: Battle for Poirot Pass

Early Saturday, under clouds and a light drizzle, forces of Sauvignon-Blanc and Riesling clashed at the Poirot Pass, located on the island of Helvetica. Both forces included native contingents and steam powered mechanized inventions of war. These machines, though impressive to witness, suffer from a lack of reliability and are prone to catastrophic failure.
Sauvignon-Blanc "Walker"
Riseling Armored Steam Tractor
Sauvingon-Blanc scouts attempted to capture the center hill while their main force, not far behind, split to capture all 3 - a move that would prove costly. The Riesling vanguard drove through the southern gap -their main body forced their way through the gap to the north.
Vanguards clash as the main forces maneuver into position

Intense fighting raged across the battle field. Particularly savage was the fighting of the native contingents.

A demi-goum of Sauvignon-Blanc allied lizard men prepares to charge a Riesling zug, The zug was nowhere to be found moments after this photo was taken.

When the smoke had cleared, the Poirot Pass was under the control of Riesling commander, Colonel Dietrech.

Moments before Sauvingon-Blanc left the field to the victorious Rieslings.

The rules used were Bob Cordery's Memoir of Battle with a bolt-on of most of the vehicle rules from GASLIGHT.

The walker is foam core, toilet paper tube, drinking straws and toothpicks. The steam tractor is 100% Sculpey.

I'll post my thoughts on the rules, game and my campaign mechanisms next time.

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