Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What a week!

My girlfriend is traveling all week for work and our mother's-helper has scarlet feve (I didn't even know people still got that).

Fortunately, I'm working from home this week. But I'm trying to do that and take care of the blueberry at the same time. Plus take care of our two cats.

And keep the house looking reasonably live-able.

I hope to one day take a shower and eat something other than cereal.

Needless to say, not much happening on the hobby front.

Still, i did get the latest issue of Lone Warrior (although I've only skimmed it) and managed to get in a test game of Song of Blades and Heroes with 2 goblins and 2 kobolds - both free paper flat downloads. But that's the extent of it.

See you when I come up for air again!

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