Sunday, December 4, 2011

D&D B/X Session 3

After an hour spent cleaning off the table (I swear, everything manages to find its way to my gaming/painting table regardless of where it actually should go), I sat down to play the third installment of my D&D dungeon crawl.

23 turns and I think the picture below sums it up:

And people tell me spiders aren't scary.

So, Orecchiette, in typical old-school fashion, didn't even make it past the ruins, let alone enter the 1st level of the dungeon. Bewie, the hireling/porter, turned and ran from the room - his fate and whereabouts are unknown.

For my next attempt at a dungeon crawl, I'm going to change the way I handle the dungeon generation/encounters (which I'll detail later) and I'm going to play two characters and see if that changes my luck. It'll be a different dungeon/objective too. 

Off to roll up some characters.

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