Friday, December 30, 2011

My 2012 Hobby Goals aka Wishful Thinking

Over the past few days, I've I made a list of all of my gaming related "want-to-dos" and frankly, I'm shocked. Both the variety of periods/genres as well as scale is greater than I realized. Which is odd, given that all but my HeroClix figures fit side-by-side on a single book shelf maybe 2' long x 8" wide.

In any case, how to decide which would make it to the top of my list for 2012?

Since I accept the idea that a stated goal is simply a guideline to help me focus my time, energy and financial resources, and as I have limited amounts of all three,  I believe goal setting is a worthwhile activity. By publicly stating them, I hope to gain the same positive effect it had for me in November and again in December (more on that in another post to follow).

Given the reality that my interests ebb and flow from period to period, genre to genre, I've opted not to lock myself to specifics, for the most part, while still creating quantifiable goals:
  • Weekly painting/terrain making/scenery construction/etc.
  • Monthly solo gaming
  • 100 posts to this blog

While I'm pretty sure just about anything I might do is covered by this list, there are three bigger projects that I especially intend to make progress on or even complete (nothing ever seems really completed so I mean at least enough that I can play the games I envision):

  • 1/72 WWII Pacific Island Assault
  • 54mm Morschauser Horse and Musket
  • 2mm Napoleonics
Of course, all statements contained herein are subject to revision once my plans meet reality.

So, what are your gaming related goals for the upcoming year?

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