Friday, October 18, 2013

The Ever Expanding Dungeon: Session 23 pt 2

This continues the previous Ever Expanding Dungeon post.  Session 23 was played on 10/14/13.

Scene 2, Puzzle/RP

With no time wasted, Dleggit brought the message to Sister Linkat, who knew quite well the power of White Eyes. After rounding up Manchiver, they set about formulating a plan. 

Their best option, it was decided, since none of them were particularly gifted hunters or rangers, would be to hire a tracker to follow the trail of the messenger. 

Word quickly spread among the villagers of their need and within a day they had their (1-3 M, 4-6 F) woman, Stacha the Mourning (is she a PC? 50/50,60, No), an excellent tracker of some renown in the village. Waldu was hired, the mule called forth, and the party resupplied before setting out.

The trail, despite being a day old (day 100) was still warm enough for Stacha. The tracks wound their way north into the tangled forest; to the party's west loomed the great crag that held the Ever Expanding Dungeon.

Does the setup hold? Chaos 5, 7 yes

Scene 3, Trick Setback
With no ideas, I turn to Mythic - Lie Disruption

After 2 days, suddenly the tracks Stacha had been following inconceivably split in two.

"But that's impossible!" cried Sister Linkat. 

Stacha set about trying to determine what could have caused this.

setup hold? Chaos 5, 7, yes
does she fall into a trap? 50/50 89, No. Is she attacked? 54, no

"I don't know how this has happened, but it has. I can follow either fork, but I can't tell you which is the correct one or if either is or they both are."

Sister Linkat observed a few birds tweeting overhead, and then, after a silent prayer to the Hedonistic Lumberjack, cast Speak with Animals, in hopes of getting some useful information from the feathery gossipers. She sweetened the deal with dried fruit and nuts from her rations

Do the birds cooperate? Somewhat Likely thanks to the offering.51, yes
What do they tell her? Ruin Masses - i decide this means White Eyes, who intends to do just that - had something to do with it. but what? Bestow Portal.

The cleric listened carefully as first one bird, then another, and yet another, often tripping over each other, informed her that the rider met a bearded man in a cloak here,where the trail splits. The bearded man read from a scroll and a duplicate of the horse and rider were created which rode off to the left fork.

"The cloaked man then stepped right into that large oak, while the rider rode off down the right trail."

Thanking her feathered spies, Sister Linkat relayed the tale to the rest of the party.

It was a no brainer to examine the massive oak; upon touching it, the tree dissolved and before them stood the ruins of a long abandoned keep, its large wooden door beckoning the friends of Perceval.

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