Friday, May 3, 2013

WWII Germans and Rainbow-Brite?

Where I work, this time of year is chaos, and it lasts until mid-July. Consequently, I've had virtually no time to game this week. 

Neither The Ever Expanding Dungeon (Labyrinth Lord) or the Mission on Mithril (Classic Traveller) saw any progress. Even Zorkon had to stay out of Stone Hell (Labyrinth Lord) this week, although that was thanks to Young Lord Shadowmoss. The only time I had, I ran Session 4 of my USR Wastelands game, and frankly, I feel rather "meh" about the session.

But, don't cry for me, Argentina!

Normally, I ride my skateboard on my lunch break (I'm 41 going on 17), but the weather has been working against me on that front. Ordinarily, this would bum me out, but, on the positive, it has meant that lunch has become my hobby time.

In the past, I've run some *very quick* dungeon crawls on my lunch breaks (using USR and Risus, and they were quick because I TPK'd so quickly), as well as broken out some wargames. This week, it's been painting.

I'm not sure what possessed me to start painting my 1/32 WWII figures when there are piles of other figures in the queue ahead of them. But, what a pleasant change of pace it is to not need to wear my magnifying goggles to paint!

The Blue M&M says "Hey, how YOU doin'?"
They aren't quite finished but they do paint a good deal faster than the smaller figures, I find. It's far easier to avoid painting over previously painted areas than it is with the smaller scales, so touch-ups are minimized. I'm still only shooting for "wargame standard" and I have no intent on doing anything fancy here, in spite of the fact that the folds in the uniforms beg for some highlighting/shading.

The book they are standing on, The Art of Warfare in the Age of Marlborough has me fired up to finish my guard unit for the GNW Russians, the Semenovski  Regiment aka The Rainbow-Brites of Imperial Russia:

Apparently the person in charge of their color scheme was a 4 year old. Despite, their ugliness, I'm inclined to finish the whole unit this way - solely because I love the light blue coat.


  1. I like all the figures. I need to get my 1/32 troops from my parents attic, probably over the summer.

    1. Thanks, Sean!

      I highly recommend the 1/32 troops. I love gaming with them, but I wouldn't have thought they'd be so much fun to paint.