Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Ever Expanding Dungeon: Session 19

Since feedback has shown me that people seem to find it helpful when I describe how I get to where I do, I thought I'd post a session "in the raw."

These are my notes, unaltered from my game today at lunch. I'll probably also post a write up in the more usual format, but, as you'll see, I already keep my notes in a way that anticipates the narrative. It's how I immerse myself in the game as a PC, and sometimes the Labyrinth Lord when I make judgement calls, rather than solely an arbiter  of dice rolls.

Without further ado:


After resting, the party re-hired Waldu and decided to trek back into the dungeon.

This time, they would attempt to explore an area West of the Kobold’s territory.

MYTHIC: Does anything happen on the way to the Dungeon? 50/50. NO.

MYTHIC: Anything in Room 1? 50/50 25. Yes, 1-6 Skeletons

As the party descended into the original entrance way, they were greeted by 4 skeletons armed with swords, standing in 2 groups of 2. One group to the east and one to the west. As happens in these situations, they animated to attack.

Skeletons (1 HD, AC 7)

Check for surprise for the party? 3, at least that goes in my favor.

Dleggit and Perceval will move out of the way to attack one on each side Waldu and Manchiever will shield the mule. 

Sister Linkat will attempt to turn them all

Initiative: Party: 3, Skeletons 5
The only targets at this point are Dleggit and Perceval.

The first attacks Dleggit - 17, miss!
The second attacks Perceval - 9 miss
The third attacks Dleggit - 3 miss
The fourth attacks Perceval - 2 miss

Can Dleggit and Perceval move as planned? Unlikely. The skeletons are probably in the way.40. No.

They’ll just attack then
Dleggit - 5+2=7, miss
Perceval - 3+2 = 5 = miss

Sister Linkat moves up past Waldu and Manchiver -

MYTHIC can she get past? 50/50 No. The steps are too crowded.

Round 2
Initiative: Party 3, Skeletons 5

The first attacks Dleggit -3, missThe second attacks Perceval - 9, miss
The third attacks Dleggit - 5, miss
The fourth attacks Perceval - 17, hits! 1d6 damage for 1 HP of damage

MYTHIC Is sister linkat able to make it to the 2nd rank? 50/50 39. yes.

Dleggit - 18+2, 20, hit.4 + 2 = 6, roll 1d8 for 1HD, 1, He shatters the first skeleton to dust

Perceval - 7 + 2 =9, nope.

Sister Linkat calls upon the Hedonistic Lumberjack
she is successful and turns 9 HD worth, the remaining skeletons flee out the door in the north wall.

The party gathers themselves up - it’s rather curious that the skeletons were here. Who placed them? Sister Linkat is concerned - ghouls and now skeletons.

Check for wandering monsters drawn to the commotion? 6, none

MYTHIC Anything in room 3? 50/50 34, yes. I decide i want to check the story cubes - i roll 3 from the original set and get a fountain, a snoring person and something i can not possibly identify. I decide that the door has been trapped (and it springs) a cloud of gas onto the party - save vs. poison or sleep for 1d6 turns.

Roll for everyone:
Perceval - 3 drops into a heap
Dleggit - 12 saves - a hearty dwarf is he
Sister L.- 20, saves by the blessings of the Hedonistic Lumberjack
Manchiver - 12 drops in a heap
Waldu - 12 drops in a heap
The mule -19 is unphased

MYTHIC Is the mule startled by its handler dropping to the floor? Somewhat likely (i figure he’s seen a lot already, and not cared) 91, no

Sister Linkat quickly notes that this isn’t a good place to be waiting for them to wake up - they can try, but if not successful, they will need to load the bodies on the mule, carry who can’t fit, and either exit or retreat to the secret room off of the main room.

The each try to wake up the others - 1 saving throw each
Perceval - 10, still out cold
Manchiver - 15, he wakes up, groggy but OK
waldu - 10, still asleep 

They load Perceval and Waldu onto the mule and return to room 1

they opt to go outside in hopes the fresh air helps.

Wandering monster check : 1. Crap.

As they make their way up the steps, there’s is a snarl from (1-3 in front, 4-6 behind, 3), a ghoul, waiting in the shadowy stairwell lunges at them. They are not surprised at least.

Sister LInkat will attempt to turn
Dleggit whill try to smash it
Manchiver will hurl a dart at it over Dleggit’s head
Party 1, ghoul 3

the ghoul attacks (1-3 Dleggit, 4-6 Sister Linkat) Dleggit
5 17 16 - hits 2x for 3 points of damage
Save vs paralysis 9,fails

Dleggit drops to the ground - his eyes frozen in a steely stare and his jaw an angry grimace

Manchiver throws his dart19, hits: 1 pt
Sister Linkat calls down the powers of the Hedonistic Lumberjack again
9 success! she turns 7 HD

The ghoul is forced to retreat up the steps into the light of day. It’s growls and snarls fade as it melts into the forest outside.
Waldu stirs and is awakened

He helps drag Dleggit out.

The party finds a rocky out crop that offers a good bit of security and sets up a temporary station there as they wait for Dleggit and Perceval to wake up.


The session lasted about 45 minutes. I'm not going to dole out XP for this session since they haven't returned to town.


  1. It is good to see some of the game mechanics. Seems like your notes are not too dissimilar to mine. I do tend to use a lot of abbreviations when I take game notes and my notes aren't very standardized, so the raw notes might be less comprehensible to others.
    Sometimes a tactical retreat is a wise move, eh?

    1. In the beginning (that sounds ominous, doesn't it?) I tried a number of methods for tracking my notes - including various custom made record sheets - until i ultimately decided that just typing out everything as completely as I could made the most sense for me. I still am searching for a better way to track die rolls.

      I don't know how a PC in an old-school game could possibly survive without the tactical retreat!

  2. "When the Dwarf is down, get out of the ground" is their motto, right?

    -- Jeff

    1. It pretty much has to be.

      He and Perceval are the only two fighters in the lot!

      Without one, they need to turn around. Without both and they need to start running for the exit.

  3. AnonymousJune 06, 2013

    Just wanted to say that I really like this format. It helps to see where you're making decisions and how they're being made.

    For determining which monsters you encounter are you rolling on the "standard" wandering monster tables from LL or are you using NPC lists like in Mythic? I could see switching between NPC lists and wandering monster tables giving some consistency to a dungeon, and your encounters seem to be fairly consistent so I wasn't sure what you used.

    Also, do you use Threads from Mythic? I could see the "lots of ghouls and now skeletons" being a thread is why I ask...

    Really enjoying these posts.

    1. Hi Jeremiah Bullfrog,

      Thanks for the comment and glad you're enjoying the posts!

      For wandering encounters, most of the time, I use the D30 DM Companion from New Big Dragon. I actually bought a d30 just so I could use this book. You can preview the entire thing on Lulu to see if it's something worth your time.

      I do also sometimes create my own lists depending on the situation.

      For instance, in the goblin held section of the dungeon, i have a short list of what's likely to be encountered - a mix of vermin, goblins, dire wolves, and bugbears. Other humanoids are rarely encountered just wandering around there without an escort. After all, there are bugbear guards generally prohibiting access into the lair.

      I also create my own list if I know it's an encounter in a room in which the party has previously encountered a humanoid group before. It's possible it's not their lair, but it's possible that others may be in the area now and I create lists that account for that.

      Next time, I'll add references to which source and what I rolled. It's not difficult to add, and as I'm curious to how random the d30 really is, it might reveal something interesting about that as well.

      I have not been tracking NPCs or using threads in the dungeon as Mythic use would typically dictate, but I'm moving to that as I now have some idea about the dungeon's politics gleaned a few sessions ago. Plus I know about the "mad king" and the evil priest on the 1st level, and the wizard on level 3, all of whom I'd like to know more about.

      And yes, I've been thinking I'd like to see this undead situation turn into a full blown thread again (the first time it was just some rampaging ghouls via Solo Nexus's 9Qs). It's quite likely that the evil priest has something to do with it, but only Mythic knows until I roll for it.


    2. Thanks a ton for your reply! I've been meaning to start my own "Ever Expanding Dungeon" and this kind of info helps a lot.

      Situational lists sound like a great idea, they sound similar to a "localized" Thread/NPC list, which makes sense. I've been toying with the idea of "possible inhabitant" lists for areas, the list being based on any tags that are present in a given area. Rolling on an inhabitant list should give the possibility of needing to roll on another (neighboring) list. Maybe I'm thinking about this too much though and should just keep it simple. You've stirred the pot though, thanks.

      I've seen you mention the d30 Companion before but forgot about it: will have to check it out.

      Thanks again.