Monday, May 20, 2013

Defending Mother Russia from the Advancing Fascist Machine! Urrah!

Another week starting out with more of the same.

I did manage to get some "proof of concept" Soviet troops painted up over the weekend:

For the curious, that's a copy of Ga Pa just behind them.

Painting is easy - they're basically one color: Vallejo Khaki Grey - and they look pretty much like I hoped. My plan is to paint up a Soviet rifle section for the first batch, which is, in fact, not a trivial task with Airfix figures.

Why? Because Airfix is in love with the SMG. I have3 boxes of  Russians and only enough rifle-armed troops to make one section and a few extras. I may have to look into some Marx Russians or some 1/35 scale models to pad the numbers or accept that most of the figures I field will be SMG-armed.

I'm not a huge fan of the Marx poses, but I do like their Officer/Kommissar figure and the rifle figures look useful enough. There's also the TSSD figures, which are beautiful,  but in winter gear and rather pricey, and the Italeri figures which suffer the same problems. There's a knock off of the Italeri poses available from BMC but the price is more palatable and I think i'd be ok with mixing them in.


  1. AnonymousMay 20, 2013

    The Soviets were in love with the SMG as well.

    They fielded companies entirely armed with SMGs. Often as troops meant to ride on the tanks (Tankodesantniki) and then leap off into the assault as the tanks near the enemy infantry positions.

    Their Motorized Rifle Battalions at times were 2 rifle companies and one SMG company.

    So I wouldn't worry about a lot of SMGs in your units, as least in regards to historical accuracy (if there is such a thing).

    1. Thanks, SAROE!

      I was aware of the SMG companies but I did not realize how prevalent its use was by the Soviets. This is what happens when you read an army list or two for a set of rule and start painting before you've done your own research.


  2. They look great. I always loved the SMG armed figures.

    1. Thanks, Sean!

      I was trying to build a section according to Disposable Heroes, instead of researching. Odd, because I never play those rules. For company level, where 2 or 3 figs will equal a section, it really doesn't matter (and I do intend to use these figs in this way in addition to 1:1 games).

      Turns out, since I plan on playing some of the scenarios in Skirmish Campaigns: Red Guards at Kursk, I only need 7 rifles if I want to stick to the forces recommended.