Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Dungeon Map!

Almost a month ago, on Gothridge Manor, in my comment on a post of a hand drawn map for the One-Page Dungeon contest, I noted that I was inspired to scan my own map, which I had worked on for the contest but never bothered to finish.

Well, better late than never right? (The original is black ultra-fine Sharpie, but it turned to grey-ish when I scanned it. I tried to re-color it, and this is the result. Also not visible, my pencil hatching - oh well.)

It's pretty much linear as dungeons go. In cavern 14, I think I should have put a secret tunnel connecting it to cavern 4.

While it may not be art, I think it could be usable at a table.

Creative Commons License

Feel free to use it, if you want. If you stat it out or anything, I'd love to see it.


  1. I really like it. It's got a real sense of depth as well as flavor to it while still being usable at the table.

    I've never quite seen that particular style before. I may have to steal it.

    1. Hi Edward,

      Thanks for the compliment. And, please, steal away!

      I got the idea to draw it like this from the AD&D Dungeon Master's Design Kit. It even includes a sample of graph paper especially for this style, although I prefer to free hand it and hope for the best.


  2. Reminds me of Tony Dowler's Microdungeon maps. Nice.