Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Ever Expanding Dungeon: First Level Map, Incomplete?

I had two surprises this weekend. The first was finding out that Hexographer has a cousin called Dungeonographer, and it too is available in a free version. The second came while plotting out the first level of The Ever Expanding Dungeon into something I could share here: the party isn't done with this level!

Even the completely oblivious can't help but notice the large amount of grey in the lower right corner. The passage there has never been explored!

There are also two doors that have never been opened and probably won't be - one is off the evil priest's chamber and the other off the throne room of the "mad king."

The green areas represent exits/entrances.
For the curious, the room in the upper right corner is the one that has contained goblins, a giant spider and bugbears. On my map, that's room 17.

I also noticed that there really aren't that many traps. My perception must have been skewed by the fact that multiple PCs have died in the pit trap just beyond room 17.

Dungeonographer has some limitations, such as not having a symbol for a one way secret door, covered pits, or any symbol for an exit to the surface world.

Still, for free, it's a great little program and it does just what it sets out to do. Both it and Hexographer have the added bonus that they run on my netbook - on which I'm running SimplyMEPIS as my OS.


  1. So, John, isn't it time for the party to explore that corner?

    -- Jeff

  2. and don't forget to bring a 10 foot pole (or to use it). Ha!

    1. Fitz, I thought that all of the 10' Poles had been recruited to play basketball.

      -- Jeff

  3. I'll be sending in a party tonight - and treading very cautiously. Although with 2 second level characters, one of which is a cleric (now with 2 Cure Light Wounds spells), I feel like the odds are better they'll survive.

    Still, 10' poles will be present and accounted for!