Monday, March 25, 2013

In Loving Memory of Philios the Cat

This weekend, the population of Shadowmoss unexpectedly said goodbye to one of their beloved:

Philios was Lady Shadowmoss's constant companion for 16 years. He was with her when she graduated high school, when she went to college, when she graduated college and moved around thereafter. He travelled the country with her, wherever her job sent her, and as a result, he saw more of America than most people I know.

Basically, he was with her all of her adult life until now and she is understandably devastated.

He played fetch and could speak on command (although he was quite chatty around Lady Shadowmoss at all times), he threw and caught his own toys, was extremely friendly to all (except other cats, although he and my Pumpkin eventually learned to tolerate each other) and, I kid you not, when Young Lord Shadowmoss would cry out in the night, I'd find Philios waiting by the door, as if to say, "What took you so long? The baby needs you!"

His physical presence will be missed, but he is in our hearts and minds and will be with us always.

We love you "fuzz fuzz."


  1. I wish Lady Shadowmoss strength during this time. My own Ariel was 16 when I lost her, and I still miss her very, very much. Even though I have another cat to keep me and my wife company, Ariel was my constant companion from my single days onward.

    Once, when I sketched a portrait of a girl I was dating (who I would eventually marry), Ariel chewed it up when I wasn't looking. The message was clear: "You're mine." Even though she has been gone for two years, that sentiment is still true and always will be.


    1. My condolences, too. I lost my big orange cat right after this past Christmas, due to respiratory illness. It's a sad time when we lose these companions who have been with us through a significant portion of our lives. I told myself it was okay to grieve, and also to remember all the good times and keep his memory alive.

    2. It's always difficult to say goodby to an old friend...

  2. My sincere condolences to both you and your lady. In the past two years we lost our 17-year old Princess and 19-year old George . . . both wonderful cats.

    We waited about a year then got a new family member, Shasha, who is incredibly sweet. She doesn't replace our earlier cats; but she is a welcome new one.

    -- Jeff

  3. Thank you all for your kind words and for sharing your own experiences. Our companion animals bring so much joy to our lives, it's impossible to not miss them.

    Yesterday, we spent the afternoon at the crematorium for what in essence, was a funeral and it offered Lady Shadowmoss a sense of closure. We took his ashes home with us and now, strangely, the house feels a little less empty.