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The Ever Expanding Dungeon: Session 11

When we last left our heroes, the sheriff had approached them for assistance in dealing with an evil wizard who had targeted the village with extortion and threats of annihilation.

I decided this adventure would be another using JF's 9Qs available from SoloNexus, and the setup proposed at the end of session 10 would take the place of Q1. Be the GM First. Play would start this session with Q1. Be the Player Next.

The party grilled the sheriff and learned the town can't afford the payments demanded and frankly they had no plan, hence the need for the PCs to intervene. The sheriff pointedly observed that the village had hoped the dungeon would bring a boom of adventuring types eager to spend their coin, but they have been slow in coming.

"And well, to be frank, those that have come have joined your group and either died or are standing right here."

The truth does hurt sometimes.

[At this point I figured I'd poll the party to see if anyone wanted to veto this adventure and instead return to the dungeon - but surveying their motivations showed me that clearly, they would accept it. Both Sister Linkat and Perceval because they want to protect the villagers, and for Feldspar and Gelfat, it promised adventure. So, no check was needed.

However, I wasn't going to assume they'd all support the same approach.

I decided to think about it from each PCs point of view and imagine each one making their points, typing it out as I went. The result of the imaginary dialog was that no dice roll was needed.]

After much back and forth, the party decided they would attempt to mount a surprise attack (aka assassination) on the wizard.

The sheriff, who had been standing by awaiting the party's decision asked the obvious "Why not best the beast he threatens us with?"

"Even if we fight it as a group, which is in violation of the challenge, we could very well lose to this unknown creature, and if we fight fairly, it’s likely neither it nor the wizard will," explained Feldspar.

Satisfied, the sheriff left the party to their planning.

Unfortunately for the party, Feldspar could no longer afford the mysterious Trulhammar Gax, and when offered the same sum by Perceval, he declined the offer. Before the day was out, they would acquire a mule to carry their armor the majority of the trip to the wizard's tower.

As usual, they would leave at first light.

[Overnight Sister Linkat recovered from her wounds. Q2 starts here]

Or that was the plan at least, but as they finished loading the last of their gear, they heard a scream coming from direction of the village square.

As they approached, 100s, then 1000s, of small spiders spilled out of the central fountain and poured down the streets. It was as if each drop of water had been replaced by a tiny arachnid, until finally a fearsome and angry giant black widow climbed out.

The party, of course, was unarmored, all of it had been strapped to the mule.

"Everyone, grab your shields and oil! l And light torches! I'll try to occupy it in the meantime!" hollered Feldspar as he knocked an arrow.

The ensuing combat was chaotic and left the streets filled with billowing smoke from the burning oil. The foul creature was finally slain when Gelfat charged in after the spider misjudged the distance to Sister Linkat and crashed to the ground stunned 

[i rolled a 1 for the black widow's attack and then checked the table I use for fumbles]

With the final sword stroke, all of the little spiders turned back into water, leaving the dirt and stone streets a puddle-ridden mess.


As the party stood about congratulating themselves, the black widow's body began to crack and flake into the sky like bits of burning paper until nothing remained of it. High above the village, the swirling black flakes transformed into a flock of ravens flying directly towards the wizard’s tower.

Realizing that they had just lost their chance of surprise, the party headed off as fast as they could.


The party tied up the mule, donned their armor, and then cautiously approached the rocky crag upon which stood the wizard's tower. Creeping along the rocky surface, they sought a cave that might lead them into the tower.

Once again, the hand of fate provided. [the Fate Chart to be precise]

A long twisting passage led them to a large,slightly open, metal door.

Inside, the party found themselves in a large circular chamber lit with torches all around. In the middle, approximately 6’ tall and 12’ long, stood a giant brass, copper and silver statue of a beetle. Or what they had hoped was a statue.

With a frightening clicking sound, it jerkily sprang into motion and advanced on them.

[ I made this up on the spot: Clockwork Beetle(AC 3, HD 3, MV 20’, ATT mandibles or special, mandible 1d8, 1 on 1d6 shoots a jet of flame for 1d8, save vs. dragon breath to take 1/2 damage, range of 50’, F:3, Morale: 12) ]

The party split up into twos to find a staircase up, with each pair taking a door on the perimeter of the room.

It took opening all three doors before the party found the steps, and not before Sister Linkat and Feldspar were both severely wounded by the mechanized beetle. In the safety of the stairwell, Sister Linkat cast her Cure Light Wounds on herself. [and recovered a staggering 2 points. things were looking grim]


The party followed the steps up into another open chamber, somewhat smaller than the previous.

On a large dais were two 7' tall glowing crystals, with arcs of electricity jumping from one to the other in a web of sparking light. There, in the gaps between the sparks, small bursts of blackness, like tears in the structure of the universe, appeared, accompanied by strange howling, screams of torment, growls and snarls which erupted from the darkness, then silenced a moment later when the tear closed.

Sister Linkat noticed that several symbols on the bases of the crystals belonged to evil gods and demons. Gelfat recognized many of the sigils on the walls as being magical though he himself couldn't read them, as his current memorized spell was charm person

Still, the purpose was easy to discern: the wizard was trying to bring or had already brought something over from another plane.

Sister Linkat suggested they topple the crystals, which was met with unanimous assent.

As the first crystal fell and shattered, the sparks and tears in the fabric of space and time ceased, the sigils glowed with a sudden intensity then disappeared from the wall, and the whole tower began to shake, loosened stones began to fall, and the steps they had just taken came crashing down. 

[stay tuned for the exciting conclusion aka Session 12 of The Ever Expanding Dungeon]

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