Friday, February 8, 2013

Five for Friday: Week of 2/1/13 - 2/7/13: Space Marine Edition.

In the Future, All Space Marines Will Be Warhammer 40K Space Marines
MCAH Online

GW is throwing its weight around, claiming trademark infringement by an author using a term in use almost since the dawn of the sci-fi genre. Many, myself included, are not at all surprised by this action. Just one more reason for me not to purchase GW products.

Dwimmermount, 3x5 Geomorphs, The Tome of Adventure Design & Boring Adventure Design
Blood of Prokopius

FrDave covers a lot of stuff in this post, but what caught my eye was the mention of my favorite office supply: the 3x5 index card. He notes that "[he] challenged folks to start working on 3x5 geomorphs, but that, too, has thus far fallen on deaf ears."

I rather like the idea of geomorphs on 3x5 cards. 

When I was trying to run the Labyrinth Lord social game in November-ish, I drew up maps of the towns, as well as one dungeon map, on 3x5 index cards. They are so much easier to shuffle through than full size paper. I've got a pile of things I'm working on right now - but I find the appeal of doing dungeon-y goodness on a 3x5 is too hard to resist.

Morale & Fog of War

Bluebear Jeff discusses his method of inserting fog of war into his tabletop games via morale by rolling varying numbers of average dice based on the unit's rating . Most interesting to me is that, after the battle, if one unit of an army improves their morale to a higher rating, another unit must consequently worsen. 

Savage Menagerie: Nosfrogtu
The Savage AfterWorld

The picture just cracked me up.

Lady Shadowmoss upon seeing it exclaimed, "You're not putting that in our game are you?" 

I denied any such intention, but of course, I can't help it if they show up uninvited.

On Gameplay in the Megadungeon
Hack & Slash

-C breaks down the key elements of play when traipsing through a megadungeon. If you already enjoy this kind of game, you probably won't learn anything new, but if you aren't familiar with it, you may be thinking: smash the door, kill the monster, take their loot. 

And, in that case, you really should read this.

Speaking of megadungeons, session 11 of The Ever Expanding Dungeon will have to wait until next week to be played. My parents will be visiting this weekend and there hasn't really been any time to game this week  (plus I want to write about why and how I changed XP allotment last session).

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  1. Thank you for the mention, sir.

    The reasoning behind the changes in morale grade rating goes in part back to Frederick the Great, who had his favorite units (which often changed over time).

    However the main reason is to force a mix of superior, average and poor units so that the player general has to decide how he wants to use the units he has and just what tasks he wants to assign them.

    -- Jeff