Friday, May 11, 2012

Two Hour Wargames Giveaway Contest!

You read that right!

Thanks to Ed at THW:

One lucky winner chosen at random will receive a PRINTED copy of the Two Hour Wargames rule book of their choice.


There are two ways to enter:

1) If you have a Google account, follow/join this blog (you have to do it publically so I can see your user name to enter you in the drawing). All current followers will be entered automatically - unless you tell me you don't want the chance to win the prize. I don't know why you'd do such a thing, but hey, it's your call.


2)Leave a comment on any post I make between now and June 1st. Comments on older posts are always appreciated, but they don't count for the contest!

That's all there is to it!

//Edit: Oops! Forgot to say that the drawing will be held on June 2!

I'll even throw you a bone:

What movie(s) inspires you to play a game (any type, any genre/period, as long as it's tabletop)?

I can just about guarantee that within 24 hours of watching Saving Private Ryan or Battleground, I'll have the WWII figures out on the table.


  1. Yup, Band of Brothers and Saving Ryans Privates will have me scurrying to my toys too!

  2. The Riddick films, because Vin Diesel is a nerd who gets to make the films he wants to see, and there's usually good gaming inspiration in them.