Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Progress Update

I realize many people don't particularly enjoy posts about goals but I have found that posting publicly about my progress/lack thereof motivates me to get up off the couch after a long day at work and, instead, paint some minis or play a game. Two things which I find infinitely more rewarding in the end than staring blankly at the unblinking eye of the television.

And so, with May upon us, and April put to rest,  it's time for me to look back at my projects/goals declared in those heady days of late 2011when I was awash with enthusiasm and chocolate mint coconut milk nog to see just where I stand.

My original goal list  for 2012 was rather modest compared to some others I have seen, but it may still have been a bit eager.

The main goals: 100 blog posts, weekly work on terrain, rules, etc. and gaming 1x a month are all well met (I played 1 wargame scenario with 7different rule sets! never mind the dungeon crawls )and so there I feel no sense of needing to adjust targets or prune away a goal or two.

Of the three bigger projects I hoped to make progress on, I think it is time I admit that, as much as I'd like to do 2mm Napoleonics, I'm going to declare that they won't even touched this year. If I do, well, it will surprise me.

As for the Great Northern War/Morschauser project, given that April was a terribly slow painting month (although still infinitely more figures than I painted in 2009, 2010 and 2011 combined) which means this project still sits in boxes. I will, I believe, make progress on this by year's end - in fact, I plan to be able to field at least a small force for both Russia and Sweden to use with Bob Cordery's Memoir of Battle rules well before then. I'm thinking maybe 12 stands per side (something like 36 infantry figures, 4 cavalry and one gun with crew each) to play on an 8x8 grid.

My WWII Pacific Theater project, though delayed, moves ever forward. In addition to finishing the Japanese in March, I have assembled a nice little collection of Osprey titles and the Red Sun, Red Death supplement for Disposable Heroes. 

I managed to get the USMC primed just under the wire for April. Painting will commence this week and I see no reason why I can't finish them all by the end of the month. Given that Lady Shadowmoss and young Lord Shadowmoss will be taking a trip out West to visit her father, I will have several evenings where my only responsibility will be to spend time with the cats. They, as it turns out, seem to like when I paint and take the opportunity to sleep on the sofa in the man-cave.

After that, I will only need to acquire and paint a few Shermans and if possible a 105mm howitzer, which I just can not seem to find cheaply in 1:72!

One project not on the original list, Kursk in 6mm per a JuniiorGeneral scenario requires some 15 tanks to be complete. Money for this will become available later in the year and so for now, it remains static.

I also have a pile of 15mm figures I acquired for SciFi/VSF/Fantasy and painted 15 of those in April. I have no particular time frame for these. They, along with some 16 or so 28mm figures that I just ordered at discount prices, will receive paint as a break from painting masses of uniformly attired armies and whenever else I'm inclined.

In the short term then, for May:

  • Paint 50 1:72 USMC
  • Play 1 solo game - possibly for my Helvetica Campaign
  • Post at least 2 x each week.
  • Clean up the d12 Dungeon Generator - there's some formatting issues I've found

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