Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WWII Island Assault Project Progress

With  young Lord Shadowmoss going to bed by 8:30pm and Lady Shadowmoss playing D&D Online the last two nights, in addition to the campaign game, I had a chance to do some painting.

Here are the first attempts at the Japanese force for one my three bigger 2012 Projects:

WWII Japanese "grenadiers" 
I did way too much stressing and a ton of research online to figure out the right colors, and then which paints would get me there, before settling on:

  • Uniform and helmet: FolkArt Rusted Pipe (the helmet isn't exactly the color I want. I really wanted to use Fawn, but I don't have any. I mixed some brown with the Rusted Pipe for a darker shade, and while I liked it, I'm not keen on having to mix up a batch every time I paint. Then again, I could probably mix and store more than enough for the 44 remaining figures)
  • Puttees: FolkArt Rusted Pipe then a light brushing of Americana Desert Sand leaving spaces for Rusted Pipe to show through
  • Leather bits: Americana Honey Brown
  • Rifle: CeramCoat Dark Brown, GW Boltgun, an old bottle of Gun Steel craft paint
  • Flesh: CeramCoat AC Flesh over CeramCoat Dark Brown base coat. I tried CeramCoat Tan Flesh but didn't like it - too light for all but elven princesses maybe. 
  • Base: Leaf Green (not sure of the brand). It's going to be covered up anyway.
I know the black lining is not to everyone's taste - most vocally, Lady Shadowmoss (and I quote "They look cartoon-y"). 

But I just really prefer the look of the black line over the shading options I considered  - maybe because the result is somewhat "cartoon-y" in comparison. I also think it looks great on the table - the high contrast helps the miniatures stand out from the table top, at least to my aging eyes (new glasses might also help there).

My technique is not terribly good yet, but with another 44 Japanese and 48 Marines to go, I'm sure I'll get better.  For examples of what I'm aspiring to with the lining, please check out the painted minis on Two Up, One Back  and The Clash of Spear on Shield.

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