Monday, February 20, 2012

Reflections on Campaign Week 2: The Bridge Over the River Qui

What worked:

  • 1 playing card per company (a company here is 2 bases, rather than one per platoon - each base- as last time) and then 1/2 as many assigned to "blank". 
  • Officers started on the table and they could turn over one card in an adjacent square per turn in place of a move action. This made moving the officers more purposeful.
  • Generating several plans for each side and rolled to decide which to use.  
  • Using Mythic to build a case for each side's scouts.
  • the house rule that Lizard folk are unaffected by water: It helped differentiate them further from the imperials and it allowed them to engage in battle sooner.

What didn't:

As I mentioned in a response to JF in the comments on the game recap post, the find-a-ford rule didn't work quite like I hoped.

I decided a roll of a 6 on a 1d6 would indicate the river was passable at that grid space. Only 1 check per space allowed and it cost the unit one movement action. In retrospect I might have made it one check per unit per grid space, to increase the chances.

Then again, it did force Riesling to reconsider their plans - unfortunately, from a game point of view, it funneled the majority of Riesling forces into the center of the board to cross the bridge which made any flanking maneuver on their part difficult at best.

I gave Sauvignon-Blanc two fieldwork locations. Again, because the Riesling forces were forced down the bridge in the center of the table, and because range was limited to 1 square by the weather(or 2 at substantial penalty) the fieldworks were rendered superfluous. While it certainly reflected Baudrillard's inability to re-deploy his defense, it wasn't all that fun from a game perspective. Sure, they took 15 minutes to make, but I really hoped they would play a role.

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