Friday, February 10, 2012

Panzers and Tigers and, well, just Panzers and Tigers so far, oh my!

The Germans form up
Somewhat out of nowhere, I decided I wanted to do something with tanks. And of course, I wanted it to involve Russia (I don't know why, I just have a thing for Russia). That can only mean one thing: Kursk, or more accurately, the battle of Prokhorovka.

Now, until yesterday when my new toys arrived, I had 4 tanks. Two in 1/72 and two in 1/32. Neither scale is conducive to a large scale tank battle - never mind that one of the four was a British Churchill  and of limited use as all but a proxy. Even at micro scale, I'm not really interested in owning a few hundred tanks. What to do? To the interwebz!

I found this scenario on, which requires only a small number (41) total, and no infantry to worry about. Count me in!

And so, I have begun acquiring armor (with bent barrels in some cases - not exactly sure how best to straighten them. anyone?). I have nine T-34s I won on ebay on the way, and I'll be ordering more from either GHQ or CinC (they have nicely priced company packs) in the near future.

Finally, the availability of infantry in this scale has me considering making it into my go to WWII scale - primarily as a space saver. And using 1/32 as my skirmish 1 fig to 1 man scale. In any case, it's the 3rd scale I have WWII in and I really ought to figure out just where I want to focus my scenery and terrain efforts for maximum re-usability.

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