Thursday, February 2, 2012

And a Change of Plans for My Campaign

After a lot of thinking (too much thinking), I'm switching back to the "map" as presented at Saxe-Bearstein. I think including the events on mine in lieu of 2 areas for battle is unnecessary if I start with large enough forces on the table - and I intend to now.

I was getting too caught up in historical numbers of French Foreign Legion and I didn't want to field possibly more than 1 battalion total as it would pull from those available in other historical regions.

But, in fact, this is a totally fictional campaign in a fictional world - in retrospect, I think the Lizard-folk should have given that away.

Rather than France or Prussia, they may as well be the troops of Sauvignon Blanc vs those of Riesling in battle for possession of Helvetica, a large island that is part of the Sans Serif island chain.

Hmm. That's a good idea. And so it shall be!

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