Friday, December 2, 2011

Is this what they meant by "reindeer games"?

Elves Under Hoof had been on my wish list forever (I mean years. like 3 or more.) until last month when I finally ordered it from WargameVault (along with Song of Blades and Heroes which I hope to play this month sometime).

I've only played the first scenario (the game includes 4), An Igloo Too Far - and finally won on my fourth attempt. It was a close one and a Pyrrhic victory at that. Both Comet and Cupid went to that Christmas Town in the sky.

Here's a picture of the game after turn 5, right before I successfully rolled for reinforcements to end the game in my favor:

With the elves closing in, Vixen is prepared to go down with a fight. Suddenly, off in the distance he hears the reassuring snorts of an oncoming rush of reindeer commandos.
A fun game with good replay value and only $3.99. 

I'm a sucker for cartoony artwork and anything Christmas, so that might explain my enthusiasm in part. The fact that it's designed to be played solo is a big plus.

Added bonus? The scenarios and "ai" look to be easily adaptable to other periods (is "the great Elf War" a period?)

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