Sunday, December 4, 2011

D&D B/X: Take 2

I rolled up two by-the-book 1st level d & d b/x characters. And by "by the book", I mean 3d6 per trait, rolled in order. I then used the as written rule that allows gaining one point on the prime requisite for every two dropped from certain other traits (CON and CHR are excluded)..

The results?

A cleric of moderate ability (save his Wisdom) and with an unfortunate unwillingness to say anything other than the truth (that was rolled randomly on a table I found on the web) and a paranoid thief with a disfiguring scar and a glass left eye. The latter two were gained as a result of a Charisma of 7 and some die rolls on the aforementioned tables.

The cleric rolled 100gp, which means, after i buy all of the other kit, plate mail will likely be out despite it's ridiculously low price tag of 60gp.

The thief rolled a legitimate 18, which is 180gp to start - kind of overkill for a guy who wears leather armor and can't use a shield. That said, he'll probably be rather entrepreneurial and farm out some of the adventuring to hirelings, i.e. bank roll the adventure - maybe hire a couple of fighters or arm some 0 level muscle, hang towards the back, and claim/steal most of the reward when combat is done. I may even have him try to hire another thief to check for traps and such, who, for my own amusement, will try to pilfer from the party himself.

The only deviation from b/x that I'm making worth noting at this point is that I'm treating the cleric as an  Undead Hunter (I'd say Vampire Hunter, but they hunt zombies, skeletons, wraiths, ghosts, etc. so "vampire" seems a bit too restrictive) and not simply a fighting healer. As I have defined this particular order of clerics, their (his) spells are available as a result of deep meditation and not, to their knowledge, granted by a deity. It doesn't change the class characteristics, but it does provide a motivation for the characters actions and a possible plot hook.

Speaking of, I need to equip the party and generate an objective for the first* delve.

*please note my unbridled optimism that the characters will survive.

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