Monday, February 16, 2015

My Haul from the 38th Annual Atlanta Model Figure Show

On Saturday, I took in the 38th Annual Atlanta Model Figure Show.

Admittedly, I went for the vendors, not the displays.

There were plenty of deals to be had, just as I hoped:

blurry because i was so excited.

Back to front, left to right:

  • Ultimate Soldier 1:32 U.S. Listening Post
  • Forces of Valor 1/32 U.S. Jeep
  • Tanks (Russian manufacturer) 1/32 WWII Russian Maxim and Crew
  • Marx farm animals 1/32?
  • 2x Classic Toy Soldirs PZ. IV,left one is missing turret HMG.
  • King & Country catalog
  • Armies in Plastic 1/32 French Foreign Legion
  • 2x King & Country 1/30 British Paratroopers
  • 1x King & Country 1/30 Polish Paratrooper
  • Armies in Plastic 1/32 Arabs with Rifles
  • King & Country 1/30 U.S. Army Cameraman
  • Armies in Plastic 1/32 WWI French
  • Classic Toy Soldiers Sandbags

 The camera man was a total indulgence (more so than the rest of this hobby) and one of the few things I paid retail price for. I see  him making an appearance on just about every battlefield.

I wanted the farm animals for some background dressing when attacking farm houses, but this guy, well, I have plans for him! \m/


  1. That is a good addition. You are one of the few blogging and table top gaming with 1/32 plastic soldiers. I start to see why. Looking forward to seeing the goat in action.

    1. Hi Cedric,
      Thanks for commenting! I tried to fight my love of 1/32 - feeling it wasn't proper wargaming for some time - but eventually, i couldn't deny it. Hoping to get that goat on the painting table sooner rather than later.