Thursday, November 6, 2014

Current Painting Table

Seriously, it must be the change in weather.

Here's what's currently in my painting queue:

I'm rather pleased with how the horses are coming along. I'm using this tutorial from Ken of All the Kings Men Toy Soldiers and despite being written for 54s, it works quite well on the 1/72 figures. These figures are Zvezda mounts for Russian Dragoons.

I am trying something new with this batch of Swedes (the guys in blue and yellow) - a white base coat for one (which I hate), and blacklining after the fact, rather than leaving a gap between colors (can't do that with a white base coat). After this group is finished, I will be focusing more on dragoons for both sides. And not just because i really like painting the horsies.

The Soviet riflemen may not look it, but they are primed; I use PVA. This has been my method of choice for most of this year for the big figures - so far, it seems to work. I will follow this up with a second coat of PVA once the figures are finished.

The buildings are birdhouses from Jo-ann's and Michael's that will be pressed into service for my 54mm games. The cabins, with a little work, will serve on the Eastern Front, primarily.

Another fantasy figure? (well several, if you count the rodents of unusual size)

What can I say, Song of Blades and Heroes is rather enjoyable and it's a great motivator for painting up some of my Bones minis. I have to say, they really don't take primer well at all, and still feel tacky a week later. A base coat of black acrylic seems to resolve that issue, however.

Oh, yeah. This guy., Skeletor, the Wraith Lord!! 

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  1. All the Kings Men are a really great set of rules. I am still humming and harring whether I will use these, use Maurice, or just go with my own set of rules for my forthcoming 40mm (Prince August) 18th century imagi-nation...lace war... gothic horror game project I have planed for 2015. All the Kings Men are very adaptable that's for sure, and work well in any figure scale (and any game scale, from skirmish to full blow wargame).

    My only problem with them is the morale rules are a little too simplistic and don`t capture the linear feel of the tactics of the day that's well.... and they don`t translate seamlessly to "Colonial Gothic" in quite the way I want. I guess I`m looking for more of a wargame and rpg all rolled into one.

    Would love to see more of your plans with this :)))