Friday, October 31, 2014

Paint Table Friday

I started in on Song of Blades and Heroes (part of my 10 games, 10 times challenge) and it's done two things: got me psyched about paper figures again but also, maybe I should try to paint some of the Reaper Bones figures I've got taking up space.

Shields need some touching up and the swords aren't finished yet.
And here's a blurry picture of a portion of my paper goblin warband (led by the red chaos knight):


  1. John,

    I think that you will like this blog:

    And I noted that they published a (free) "Basic D&D" module on Oct 28 (I haven't looked at it yet) . . . so you might want to check it out . . . right now I'm looking at his ECW campaign (his taste are quite eclectic).

    -- Jeff

  2. Love these skeletons,great job!