Monday, December 2, 2013

The Ever Expanding Dungeon: Session 25A - "78 Days Later"

As we approach the one year anniversary of my solo Labyrinth Lord campaign, I wanted to set up the next delve. Here is what happened to our party, after their most recent adventure:

With Dleggit’s and Waldu’s death, Sister Linkat suffered a crisis of confidence, not for fear of dying, but for fear that perhaps she was chasing the wrong goal. During the days, she tended to her flock’s needs, and spent nights in near constant meditation and prayer to the Hedonistic Lumberjack inquiring for some kind of sign. 

Her dedication to her deity was not unnoticed and the HL sent her two messages - one was simply the appearance of the phrase “Exposing of the Dead” in her mind’s eye, the other came via the Bishop of the Temple of the Hedonistic Lumberjack in the City of Leafcutter,  in the form of one stubborn, short, big-boned acolyte named Sylana.

Sylana arrived with a note from the Bishop explaining her transfer to assist Sister Linkat in her mission. When asked what mission that was exactly, Sylana repliled “I don’t know about you, but I want to crush the abominable undead that are an affront to our god!”

It was settled, then.

Sister Linkat would journey into the Ever Expanding Dungeon until every last bit of unholy evil was cleansed from it. She would fight for the village’s safety and tend to their spiritual needs, but she would from this day forward, become a rabid hunter and destroyer of all those creatures that stole back life in a form twisted by evil by means of a dark and sinister source.

She would, she pledged, find and destroy that very source itself or die trying.

Manchiver, who had set himself up in competition with the local scribe to earn some money, poured over his magical texts much of the time, while he waited word of Linkat’s decision. He had also taken, at her insistence, a position at the shrine, writing prayer sheets for the villagers to hang in their homes. 

The sheets were not magical, although Sister Linkat did bless the paper and ink with holy water; they were simply reminders to the villagers of the glory of the Hedonistic Lumberjack. In exchange, she was able to provide him a small stipend from the offerings made by the faithful.

As her final act before turning her attention to her quest, Sister Linkat cast Speak with Animals, and offered their loyal mule a lifetime free of labor, free of dangerous entities in dark dungeons, and instead, days spent above ground in good care. The mule, saddened by the loss of Waldu, of Perceval and Dleggit, not to mention so many others, accepted the offer, with the note that if his assistance were ever needed, that she could call upon him for aid.

With that bit of business resolved, she rounded up Manchiver and Sylana to put the word out that they were in need of companions on a grand adventure back into the mouth of the dungeon. Unfortunately, the Hedonistic Lumberjack appeared to be busy with other things, and no one heeded their call.

Indeed, although the legend of the party’s exploits against the wizard, White Eyes,had made it as far south as Leafcutter, to the Duke’s own council, no reward was forthcoming, either in gold or soldiers.

Anxious to fulfill the role she had been chosen for, Sister Linkat rallied her team early one morning, and set out for the Ever Expanding Dungeon.

All of the above was generated using Mythic, as suggested in Mythic Variations for 'tween stories.

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