Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Finalized List of 2014 Hobby Objectives

Once again, I realize that having objectives or goals for a hobby might strike some as being directly at odds with the fact that it is a hobby we're talking about. However, I have a tendency, like many, to have gamer ADD and thus, I find this a useful exercise. 

My list posted previously was quite enormous. It was too much, despite the fact that many of them were rather easy to knock out. More importantly, looking at the list didn't excite me.

So, after much contemplation and effort to suss out from my giant list what's important to me, what I would find satisfying, and what I might not do without the added kick in the butt publicly declaring a goal gives,  I've settled on the following for 2014:

Great Northern War Project

  • Play The Advance Guard Action Teaser by June 30, 2014.
  • Play a historical scenario by 12/31/14 - Roos attack on the 3rd redoubt at Poltava seems a good candidate.

Details for how I'll get my forces to this point are here.

Fantasy Gaming 

  • Run a monthly Labyrinth Lord episodic campaign at an FLGS for the Atlanta Gamer's Guild meetup.
  • Run 2-4 sessions of Labyrinth Lord at DragonCon (I'm waffling on running 4 sessions now, worrying I won't have any energy left to play in other games or go to any panels). 
  • Run "Japantasy" game for home group


  • Rising Sun: Operation Watchtower (Britton Publishers)- Play the following Guadalcanal scenarios: The Goettge Patrol , The Brush Patrol, The First Battle of Matanikau, The Battle of the Tenaru, Battle of Bloody Ridge, September Matanikau, Paige's Platoon, Koli Point
  • Red Guards at Kursk (Skirmish Campaigns) - Play"The Red Surge" 4 scenario campaign, which covers July 11 and 12, 1943. 

  • Play 6 campaign encounters.

Much of what I have mulled over previously is included there, but it's a layer or two down;  I decided to keep the end in mind, rather than the means. 

It's purely psychological.

I most enjoy playing wargames, not the preparation to play them. Whereas, for RPGs, I love the planning. This way, my goals focus on the parts that I most enjoy and find most satisfying.


  1. Oh oh, say it ain't so, sir . . . no mention of the Ever-expanding-Dungeon . . . surely you overlooked it. Think again, John. Think again.

    -- Jeff

    1. Hi Jeff,

      No worries there - I decided that since it's something I'm definitely going to do, making it a goal would be cheating. I plan many more delves into the Ever Expanding dungeon - the next one quite soon, as I've got a bit of free time this week.


    2. I, too, am glad to hear there wll be more Ever Expanding dungeon. I came upon your blog this summer, and the Ever Expanding dungeon inspired me not only to break out my D&D basic set and some graph paper, but eventually to start a solo-gaming blog of my own.