Monday, October 7, 2013

Wheren I Finally Paint Some of My Reaper Bones Minis

The painting bug overtook me Saturday night and I finished the first 6 of my Reaper Bones KickStarter minis. Just 194 more to go.

A lot of people think goblins are green. They're wrong.

Why start with goblins and kobolds? Simple.

I have loved koblods ever since I first saw this image in the Moldvay D&D Basic book.

And it seemed to me that if they were going to fight anyone, it'd probably be goblins.

While these aren't my favorite kobold sculpts (the Splintered Light kobolds are my favorite), they will represent my favorite monsters in 28mm. I have 4 sprues of 3 for each side, which is enough for two small warbands for Song of Blades & Heroes, as well as other skirmish rules. I do plan on eventually picking up the Reaper kobold shaman and chief in metal to complete their force.


  1. You might want to hold off on the shaman and chief... they're going to be a part of the next Bones release.
    Also, I like your blue kobolds!

    1. Thanks for the comment, David. And for the heads up on the shaman and chief!

      There have been so many updates to the new KS that I haven't been keeping up with them all. Time to bump up my pledge to include the Expansion.


  2. The whole green thing stems from the albino goblins use of aloe based sunscreen when they ventured to the surface.

    1. It's too bad they edited that out of the Monster Manual before it went to print.

  3. Long ago I ran a dungeon crawl which I called "The Lair of the Kamikaze Kobolds". The party wasn't worried about Kobolds, simple little gits to kill, right?

    Well the Kamikaze Kobolds were all armed with naginatas and they simply lowered their naginatas, yelled "banzai" and charged with no thought of defense (i.e., +4 to hit on initial charge) . . . and there were lots of them.

    The party didn't make much of an inroad before the turned tail and ran . . . from Kobolds! (not the party's finest hour . . . and they never sneered at Kobolds again).

    -- Jeff