Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Gaming Bookshelf (a meme) and Some New Arrivals

There's a meme, started over on Grognardia, for posting pictures of the shelf (or shelves) you turn to when writing / gaming. Here's mine:

From left to right: history books, John Curry History of Wargaming reprints, gaming notebooks, RPG zines,  Lone Warrior back-issues, Adventures in Jimland (white binder, the original freebie version), more gaming notes (blue binder), rules printed from pdfs and placed in report covers, wargaming rules, RPG rules and modules B1, B2 and X1.

The shelf above this one is where I store my miniatures, the shelf below is my fiction/world religions/philosophy shelf. I own very little fiction (I use the library for that primarily), but what I own typically informs and inspires my gaming.

Missing from the picture is Strunk & White's The Elements of Style, 4th ed. that I turn to often when writing. That is something that sits on my desk. Also missing are the hundreds of PDFs I have.

The astute viewers will notice right away that the cat pictured is not Pumpkin. This is Pumpkin's "brother" , Bean, who lives with his "mother" in Brooklyn.

And now for the recently arrived goodies that will be going on said shelf:

Not pictured, Military Modeling: Guide to Wargaming by Stuart Asquith. I had thought I was buying the solo wargaming title, but the seller had made an error and was actually selling this one. As I paid $1.99 for it (less than any of the pictured modules), I opted to keep it. It's not the best book ever written on the subject, but there are a number of bibliographies included that look to be useful.

I also recently scored two more titles for my gaming shelf but they're being shipped from the UK and I don't expect them for another week at least.


  1. My "wargaming shelf" is scattered all through the house. ha ha

    1. When I lived alone, that was my preference, but to appease Lady Shadowmoss, my books now live in the man-cave.