Sunday, August 21, 2016

What Was I Thinking?

I was thinking this blog was probably dead, which is why I started 54mm or Fight! What little hobby stuff I had been doing, other than reading, had been solely focused around 54mm games and a focus on that seemed logical.

But  now, as I find myself with the unusual situation of increasing free time, thanks in part to the Young Lord Shadowmoss (who just turned 5) playing more independently (some evenings, he disappears after dinner to play Minecraft until bedtime), my mind has been turning to neglected projects.

So, instead of being dead, it may be that this blog was just dormant. Color me surprised.

One thing I'm not going to do is set any kind of hobby goals (*crosses fingers*) , despite my natural inclination to do so.

That said, these are the projects/areas of interest at present that I'm jumping between:

54mm WWII - mostly just playing games, as I have a decent enough collection here for toy-like games (I'm generally not aiming for simulation). I did switch from mostly 1/35ish vehicles to 1/50ish, and though they cost more, I am much happier with the look of the thing. US paratroops are on the paint table since I just re-watched Band of Brothers.

1/72 Italian front, WWI - I read The White War: Life and Death on the Italian Front 1915-1919  (excellent book and highly recommend) for background, and I've got several more books to read. But of course, I've started painting (slowly) because I couldn't wait.

Still deciding on rules/basing. Possibly HMG from Agema (command a battalion, individually based) or Hordes in the Trenches (command a battalion, up to a regiment / brigade maybe base per Hordes of the Things), or maybe just GASLIGHT (make individual units a company or battalion; individually based) with some rules for gas and barrages. Trying to keep figure totals small. Contemptible Little Armies (individually based) might work too for that reason.

54mm AWI - this is a very slow going project for giggles since of the places I've lived, I lived in Philadelphia the longest(plus, I recently read David McCullough's 1776). Figures are mostly Imex  and I've got all of 2 painted so far. Might just base these for Neil Thomas OHW with a 4" base, with 8 figures per base, or use them with a set of rules for the period by Charles Wessencraft (woo! Old school!) or All the Kings Men.

Solo RPG
- Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls kickstarter stuff came with a bunch of solitaire modules. It's not the free form of The Ever Expanding Dungeon, but I really want to play these modules as they are usually a fun time, very low commitment and obviously, very low prep.
This is not the edition of Buffalo Castle I have, but I wish it was.


  1. Glad to see you back !

  2. For 54mm AWI, take a look at Volley and Bayonet.

    1. Ugh! i HAD a copy of V&B but let it go. I got it for Great Northern War, with modifications from MWAN or The Courier, but it wasn't to my liking for that project. It would be perfect for AWI. Didn't the authors do their original participation games with 54mm based on 3" squares or something like that?

    2. Yep. Frank Chadwick did 4 infantry or two cav on a 3x3 to both catch the eye and show the game would work with any scale. Here is the link to the AWI specific version. There might be enough there to play a game.

    3. Thanks, Stu Rat! I'll check it out!