Friday, June 28, 2013

The Halfway Point Review - 2013 Gaming Goal Progress

Yes, yes, I know it's a hobby and goals and such kind of wig some people out when it comes to "down time" activities, but I like to have a plan, generally speaking, even if I end up abandoning it entirely.

Probably because I enjoy making lists, but that's neither here nor there.

Or maybe it is, because this itself is a list:

Save a Dead Tree Project

Making my way through all my unread printed game related material is going to take some work for sure. 


  • Dragon issues - Best of I and II, plus several other issues
  • The Purple Worm Graveyard
  • Peter the Great's Army: Infantry
  • Poltava: 1709
  • Currently reading Warfare in the Age of Marlborough

Read & Played:

  • Nuts! War Against Japan
  • Disposeable Heroes
  • Red Sun, Red Death (DH supplement)
  • Traveller (Starter Traveller book)

New wargaming setup 

  • The basic MDF boards are done, but I do want to paint the backs and grid them for Morschauser/Cordery-type grid games. 
  • 10 palm trees in progress, and my 5th 1/32 Seuss-ian pine tree just needs to be glued. 
  • Made 1 hill, although not my favorite. I'm experimenting with foam to see if I can't make an old school step hill, without the jagged edges of my first attempt.

Paint 2x per month, at least 60 minutes a session
I hit Jan - May, and then didn't paint at all in June (to my recollection). I foresee a return to the painting table in the near future.

Run an old-school dungeon crawl for my local RPG meetup group
I've been reading 1 pager dungeons to see if I can find something I want to run as a one-shot. I really wanted to run The Purple Worm Graveyard, but I think it's better saved for players who are familiar with old school play. Otherwise they probably won't make it past room 2.

Projects (they don't have to be completed, but progress made): 

The Wampus Country Under the Tree Challenge - I won't be able to use everything unless I turn the books into hills, but I have a silly WWII / Pulp-ish scenario in mind. Maybe I'll play this tonight.

A WWII PTO campaign -  I have two PTO campaign PDFs from Britton Publishers that are surpassing the Nuts! War Against Japan campaign generator in terms of likelihood of play. 

  • I've acquired some much needed heavy weapons for the marines to use once off the beach as well as some tanks, that admittedly, will see little service. The tanks and heavy weapons need to be primed and painted.

A three battle mini campaign for the GNW Russians and Swedes usingScenarios for Wargamers or Programmed Wargame Scenarios. This is simply not going to happen any time soon. I don't even have the Swedes cut from the sprue yet, let alone painted.

A VSF campaign that returns us to the island of Helvetica. 

I am thinking that it will start with  consist of the two sample scenarios presented in the Space 1889: Soldier's Companion, and utilize those rules to fight the battles, but feature Riesling and lizard-folk, not British and Martians. Very likely to happen this year sometime, but I can't say when. Probably should call this a "micro-mini campaign."

Celebrate the centenary of H.G. Wells's Little Wars. This is definitely happening. In part, my zine's first issue was part of this, but I would like to get the 1/32 figures out to the mosquito-infested backyard - maybe with a Nerf gun. I'll probably do it in July, to coincide with the anniversary of Kursk.


  1. Regarding mini-campaigns from Grant's Scenario books . . . I don't know if I have mentioned it to you before but I issued a challenge a while back and several folks responded.

    While the two specifically for the "Programmed" book are longer than three battles, you might get some ideas from them anyway.

    Go to:

    and click on the links to the appropriate blogs (near the start of each mini-campaign) to get to the details of each "battle tree".

    You might also find some inspiration from some of the other scenario book mini-campaigns . . . Grant often used similar scenarios in his various books.

    -- Jeff

    1. I finally got Wargames Scenarios and Programmed etc is winging its way to me from the UK as I write. I'll be looking up your link.

    2. Thanks, Jeff! I've got that page bookmarked for when I finally get some Swedish units painted. With some dedication to getting back to painting, perhaps I can field a game or two of infantry vs infantry.


  2. I also need to take a look at the midway point. I think I'm way behind on stated goals from Dec/ Jan and have totally gone off on a tangent. Oh well.

    1. One of my favorite quotes (from a yacht sailor yet) is . . . "a plan gives you something to deviate from."

      -- Jeff