Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Painting Progress! + Loot Left on My Doorstep!

First up, a unit of Great Northern War Russians - they aren't done yet, but that's why the post title says "progress" and not "finished.":

I'm rather happy with how they are turning out. The green may or may not be too light - either way I like it. It's Americana Forest Green. It's a little thin and, of course, I thinned it more before I realized that, so it's almost a glaze over the black undercoat. I'll go back and hit the green with an even thinner second coat  tonight, when I finish the muskets as there are some spots where the black shows through a little too much.

And these were in my mailbox (and on my doorstep, two different packages):

Is it me, or does Volley & Bayonet look like an Evel Knievel related product

Although I've been through B2 as a player many times, I've never run it. I've never played or run B1. I'm looking forward to running both for my local rpg meetup group in 2013, as I try to spread a little Old School love in the Atlanta area. I'll probably use Labyrinth Lord rather than B/X properly speaking, just because it's probably easier to get LL.  If not, then maybe Basic Fantasy, The Searchers of the Unknown or even Microlite OSS.

Why Volley & Bayonet? Because there's an article in an issue of MWAN that details using it for the GNW (and I have a PDF cooy). Sadly that's all the justification it takes! 

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