Friday, October 12, 2012

October Goals - Belated Just Like September's!

Well once again, the first of the month came and went, and I failed to take a look at my goals. Better late than never and all that.

2012 Goals:

I'm still on track to reach the goals I set for the year and barring any unforeseen circumstances, I can pretty much coast until 2013. 

I met the blog post goal months ago, and in fact, I've tried to reduce the frequency of posting a bit (with limited success).

I've already gotten in my solo gaming this month with Tunnels & Trolls and I feel a tabletop miniatures battle is imminent as well. It seems like I'm always thinking about something gaming related, whether it's planning, research, reading rules, writing rules, daydreaming, etc. so that box is checked.

Monthly Goals:

Top on my list for what I want to accomplish in October is to decide on a basing scheme for the Great Northern War project. I started out inspired by Morschauser's How to Play War Games in Miniature and the multi-figure to a base approach, but then, persuaded by some posts from the "old school" wargaming blog community of their various battles, I thought about individually basing the figures.

Indeed, I was firmly decided to do just that, but then I re-read Morschauser (plus these posts of some of his writing), and now I'm not so inclined towards individually based figures. Decisions decisions. (As the meme goes ,"Can't decide to base miniatures individually or multi-figures per base. First world problems.")

Painting-wise, I'll finish up the Khurasan Salamen, Irregular Dark Elves, and some oddball figures (two Brigade Games G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. and one Irregular Western Gentleman) then turn to the Zvezda GNW Russian infantry. I'll shoot for 24 figures this month for the GNW.

My prep work is largely done until we play again, so, my Labyrinth Lord game needs nothing from me other than keeping track of ideas I have. Instead, I will play at least one more T & T solitaire module to scratch my fantasy RPG itch.

So that's October. Like September, I'm keeping my list pretty unambitious. 


  1. I'm don't know where in the world you live, but in many countries small "copper" coins (pennies here in Canada) have actually been made without copper for some time.

    Now various alloys have been used over the years but some of them are "magnetic". By that I mean there is enough iron in them that a magnet will pick them up.

    For your GNW project, you might consider individually basing your figures on such coins AND building sabots covered with sheet magnets (such as those sold in stationary stores for printing magnetic photos. These are easily cut-to-size with ordinary scissors (WARNING: do NOT use your wife's sewing scissors).

    This will allow you to have the convenience of multiple figure bases and the advantages of single figures for removal. You can also build different sized sabot bases for differing rule sets.

    By the way, paint does not interfere with the magnetic effect . . . so do paint both the sabots (with the magnetic sheets stuck to card stock) and the bottoms of the coins (I use differnt colors to help identify units).

    Hope this idea helps, sir.

    -- Jeff

    1. Jeff,

      Great suggestion, thanks! I believer you have solved my dilemma. The pennies I have access to (I'm in the US), aren't magnetic, but I found I can get steel washers for about .05 each - which is good enough for me - especially compared to gaming-specific bases.


  2. Washers are your friends...