Monday, October 15, 2012

Great Northern War Basing Resolved!

Thanks to Bluebear Jeff, my basing dilemma for the Great Northern War project has been put to rest.

The plan is to acquire a pile of 1/2" diameter (outside diameter) washers for infantry, probably 1" OD for the cavalry and then acquire and cut magnetic sheet to the desired multi-fig base size.

I'm using Warfare in the Age of Reason as my de facto standard for multi-fig basing,but this approach will allow me to quickly and easily re-base the forces for all of the rules I've been looking at : Horse, Foot and Guns, the simple rules on the Junior General site, None Shall Pass, Age of Musket: Tricorn and Musket, or individually for use with Woodland Warriors, GASLIGHT, Sacre Bleu and other skirmish games. 

Wow. I just noticed how many sets of rules I'm considering and that's not even all of them!


  1. Awesome that you are going with the fender washers and aiming at magnetic direction for your project.

    May I add a suggestion?

    The magnetic sheets do not have a 'strong enough' magnetic field to effectively hold the fender washer and metal mini combination, in my experience.

    Basing Suggestion

    What could be done, and a friend of mine, Peter has done this, is to have the regular 'card' that you would glue the minis onto - cut out holes (using a paper punch?) to hold the magnets - then glue on a sheet of paper (the new 'bottom' - place the magnet in each hole, and glue on a cover sheet (or terrain flocking) keep it as thin as possible so that the neodymium magnets can get the maximum magnetic field out.

    This will 'grip' your minis better than the magnetic sheet and you will be able to re-configure your bases in the future by just cutting out the magnets and making new ones.

    As you will see from my posting I have gone with metal sheets for my bases and the neodymium magnets to attach, I can hold the minis upside down and they do not fall off (though I cannot 'shake them' or 'twist' them in any way as that will cause the minis to fall off.

    With this basing system I have had an entire tower (6 drawers) of minis fall over (from vertical to about 20-degress off level) and only 1 horsemen was broken off his mount in more than 300 minis. Nothing else at all was damaged.

    1. Hello MurdocK and thank you for commenting!

      The figures I'm using are plastic (Zvezda's GNW 1/72 figures)so I don't know if I need that kind of magnet strength or not for this particular project. That said, I really like this solution since I have a roll of that flocked paper in my "man cave" closet.