Friday, August 31, 2012

Holiday Weekend Plans

With a long weekend fast approaching, I've been thinking about the gaming I want to squeeze in.

I will most definitely play another round of "Pacific Assault" and possibly another adventure in Wellslandia, and I hope, my first go-round with Nuts!2.0 vehicle rules. 

That will likely be the extent of the solo gaming (well, maybe another dungeon crawl. of course.).

Next weekend is tentatively the 2nd session for our b/x - LL game and most of my free time will be spent prepping for that. 

I'm also playing in a Call of Cthulhu game next Saturday. In spite of having the rules for a few years, this will be the first time I get to experience the game. I already know I like the GM's style (he ran the Unknown Armies one-shot I participated in back in June) and he's really good at explaining what needs to roll and when, but I'd still like to have some grasp of the system. So, CoC will be in rotation in my reading pile.

And unrelated to any of that, after reading Bob Cordery's post on using plastic storage boxes for his figures, I dug out a box I've been using for some art supplies, emptied it out, put in more dividers and voila: a battle in a box!

The paper flat tanks and artillery are stored in the lower right.
Close up. A bit cramped but this isn't the Ritz!
I went and ordered 2 similar boxes immediately (there's a Labor Day sale going on at - I got mine at 50% off!).  That should contain all of my 15s and my 1/72 (not counting the unpainted GNW minis).

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