Thursday, July 26, 2012

Vacation Countdown - The Games!

Lady, Young Lord Shadowmoss and I (we've yet to decide my title. "Lord Shadowmoss" seems too responsible. I prefer the "Knave of Shadowmoss", but the Lady objects. I also like "The Hound of Shadowmoss" but, then, I watch too much Game of Thrones) leave in a few days for a week long beach vacation. 

There's not much to do in the evenings other than relax (which is what we'll be doing during the day for that matter), so we've got quite the line-up of games to play when the baby goes to bed:

Angry Flowers - I picked up this rpg on sale at DriveThruRPG. It's been on my wish list for ages. It's goofy but I just love the concept and the fact that it comes with a pocket-mod PDF makes it all the better. Angry Flowers is rules-light to say the least and uses the d4 a lot. Which is cool because I got a fancy one on Free RPG Day. I'm setting up a one session one shot adventure with the plan to emphasize dark humor.

D&D b/x - Lady Shadowmoss and her friend D. have expressed an interest in doing some table-top rpg-ing (they play the D&D MMO). I designed an adventure that I hope will function as something of a tutorial for D. (I don't believe he's ever played a pencil and paper rpg) while providing suitable challenge for her.

For this vacation game, it will be a low level hex exploration that covers part of her character's trip to the starting point for that adventure.

I'm using ideas taken from Loviatar, The Manor and The Welsh Piper
to design and seed the hex (or maybe a few hexes in case she decides she just wants to move on without exploring a particular hex) with interesting things for her character to interact with and maybe send her on a quest or two.

In addition to getting her some experience points and introducing her to "old school" gaming (she started gaming in the 90s) , it's a chance to continue dusting off my GM skills and id where I can improve.

I'll undoubtedly do a solo dungeon crawl (or several!) or continue my Annywyn Investigations game.

Magic: The Gathering - Lady Shadowmoss has quite a collection of older Magic decks and used to play often. I've played a handful of times with her, but that's the extent of my Magic experience. However, it's a fun way to spend an evening, so we each bought a new deck a few weeks ago and we're going to dive in. I have little desire to buy packs of cards though so my deck will probably never change.

Rory's Story Cubes - I don't know what we'll do with these exactly - maybe tell made up stories to the baby? Maybe combine them with USR or something like that? I know that Lady Shadowmoss gives me blank stares when I talk about these. Maybe I'll just use these and JF's of SoloNexus's 9Qs for a solo game. 

The long shot:
I may, if I can find the time before we leave, print and make some small paper wargame armies (the free Star Confrontations armies from JEN or perhaps some of my hundreds of downloaded fantasy figures) to battle it out with very simple home brew 1pg rules. 

She's only joined me in a wargame once (and i made up the rules on the fly), but she had fun (and kicked my ass), so I'm hopeful that she'll at least give it a shot.

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