Friday, July 20, 2012

The Goldielocks Saga Continues - A Chain Reaction 3 Report

The other day I needed to get a game in (it was that kind of day) and as I'm working through what I want to do with my Helvetica campaign, it seemed a better idea to break out Chain Reaction 3: Final Version from Two Hour Wargames and play the next encounter in the continuing story of Goldielocks:

EAL: 4
Scenario: Raid

With the information Goldielocks had obtained, the Resistance had been able to take the fight to Control. Good as that was, once again, there was no one available to put on Goldielocks' crew. She'd have to go in alone. Again.

She managed to approach the transmission station undetected. One deep breath and she took off for the nearest building:

Safely inside, Goldielocks contemplated the best course of action:

She'd approach through the woods, and head straight for the objective. No sneaking around. They'd never expect it and she'd catch them napping. Or so she thought. Once in the woods she was met by the first wrench in he plan:

The trooper was fast. Goldielocks was faster. One down.
The trooper dispatched, she was sure others had been alerted by the gun fire. As she approached the edge of the woods, she caught a flash of movement in the objective bunker. A firefight ensued  until the trooper dropped stunned:

What she didn't know or count on was a second trooper moving out the back of the bunker to try to flank her. Realizing things were going to hell in a hand-basket, Goldielocks fell back Meanwhile, on her left, the control leader advanced through the settlement:

But the hounds had gotten the scent:

Trooper #8675309 got the jump on her and after a short fire fight, Goldielocks was down:

With no Star Power dice left, she was staying down
 Will Control execute her on the spot? Will she be taken prisoner to be interrogated? Will the Resistance try to rescue her?

To be continued . . .

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