Tuesday, July 24, 2012

PTO Rules and a Decision

Last night, I was itching to get my U.S.M.C. on the table against my Japanese. I was somewhat rushed for time and contemplated using CR3: FV but I wanted more figures on the table. So, I broke out Paper Tigers.

Unfortunately, it left me feeling "ho hum" when I was done. I still like the rules, but something didn't fit. Maybe it was because I rushed it. Maybe it was the scenario (loosely speaking).

Still, I was dissatisfied.

After mulling it over, I think Memoir of Modern Battle is the way to go for bigger battles - Paper Tigers is good ,but I'd have to tweak it to make it suit my ideas about the Pacific Theater.

Although I have IronIvan's Disposable Heroes and Red Sun, Red Death (in print, bought on clearance!),  the rules seem overly complicated. G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. can handle the same level of game (section up to company) and, to my mind, are a great deal simpler even with the modifications I'd have to make. 

For smaller scale games, I have decided that, given my enjoyment of CR3:FV (and my recent go at a man-to-man skirmish-level campaign), that I'll put my faith in Nuts! 2.0 and War Against Japan from Two Hour Wargames and see what happens. According to info I found on various message boards and blogs, I should be able to use these rules for 1/2 squad up to a platoon with ease.

I placed the order earlier today and while I've only had a few minutes to look over the PDFs, I already like what I see!

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